What's the best Android video editor?
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There are hundreds of Android video editors. Hundreds. I'm happy to pay a reasonable sum but not very happy to be locked into an annual subscription model or pay-as-you go access to extra features. Does anyone have any recommendations?

This will be used on a high-end Android phone for creating short snippet videos, usually less than a minute, rarely more than 5 minutes. My main requirements are filters - along the lines of the image filters you get on Prima, Glitch Lab, Snapseed, etc. - and editing. I'll grudgingly pay an annual sub ($25?) for really exceptional software but the options are still endless and confusing. Thank you for any guidance or suggestions.
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Best answer: When I was looking for recommendations recently I used this guide, and ended up using Quik, which has worked out great. Mind you, I'm editing videos of my cat playing with string, so nothing fancy.

There were other more professional apps reviewed in that article, and if I had more complex needs I'd definitely have given Adobe Premier Rush or PowerDirector a go. But within your budget, KineMaster was well-reviewed and costs $22.99 a year.
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Response by poster: Thanks, will give that a go.
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