Where can I buy curious decorative objects in Manhattan, NY?
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I am looking for a store in Manhattan, New York where I can buy curious decorative objects: pop art, retro kitsch, odd memorabilia (not sport-related), ancient ad posters, antique swag, Americana, etc. Quality, authentic stuff, not crap; though I'm not against mass-produced items.

What I am looking for could be esoteric and strange, but not so esoteric that you can't appreciate by just looking at it. I only have a couple of hundred dollars to spend (gift for girlfriend), so expensive collectors' items are out of the question.

My girlfriend also likes Far-Eastern art and antiques. Real antiques are probably beyond my budget, but perhaps something like a pretty box with the inside decorated with obscene art would be perfect.
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It sounds like you're looking for T.G.I. Friday's/Ruby Tuesdays kind of stuff… according to this (interesting) article, they hire companies to scavenge flea markets & rummage sales for items.
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Response by poster: It sounds like you're looking for T.G.I. Friday's/Ruby Tuesdays kind of stuff...

I have never been to those places, so I can't affirm or deny that.
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Love Saves the Day, in the east village, might be just the ticket. Some of the stuff is overpriced, but I've found treasures in the past.
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I heard there was a neat place in Chelsea called the Antique Garage which was a good source for stuff like this, but then when I was actually in Manhattan last year, I couldn't locate it.
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Grace of design*sponge lives in Brooklyn. I'd probably send her an email if I was looking for that type of item in NYC and was having trouble finding where to look.
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Pylone's has sitting buddhas and buddha heads.

Mr. Pink has vintage glassware.

Clio Home has pretty housewares, vases, interesting candleholders.

Everyone loves Jonathan Adler. His fish are cute and he has some pretty whimsical stuff in his Utopia line.
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Alphaville on Houston at Varick.
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Billy’s Antiques & Props - 76 E. Houston St., at Elizabeth St.

You can't miss it, all their stuff spills out onto the sidewalk.

They have huge mirrors, and weird props and other stuff.
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I cannot recall the exact store names, but you might check out the Lower East Side, which has a ton of antique-pop culture-kitschy stores selling unique furniture, curios, etc., representative of the past century. I previously purchased a wonderful '50s-'60's era dining set from a store on Orchard or Ludlow street right below Houston, that was reminiscent of a classic diner. From what I recall, there are more than a few such stores in the general area. Sorry I cannot be more specific, but I am sure that the stores are still there in the general area I described.
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Response by poster: Keep the good suggestions coming. I am jumping on a plane home to my girlfriend tomorrow, so I still have time to shop. Heh.
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Another vote for LSD. That place is fun.
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There's a great Asian department store with LOTS of inexpensive stuff. It's just off of Canal Street in Chinatown - I think it's called Pearl. It's about 3-4 floors. Ask around... it's a great place.
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ancient ad posters

Chisholm Larsson Gallery
145 8th Avenue
(212) 741-1703

Amazing collection with online search option.

antique swag

B-4 It Was Cool Antiques
89 East Houston Street (Bowery)
(212) 219-0139

The Demolition Depot
216 East 125th Street (2nd & 3rd)
(212) 860-1138

I love this place - you should be able to find something here for a reasonable price.

Olde Good Things
124 West 24th Street (6th & 7th)
(212) 989-8401

I don't think there is anything in this store that is a reasonable price but they do have amazing things - maybe stop by for some ideas?
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Oldies, Goldies, & Moldies. Awesome restored art deco furniture and random goodies.
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Response by poster: Sounds great, will check out all of the recommendations. I went by Loves Saves the Day today and bought some old magazine ads and some (expensive!) copies of Life magazine. Aside from a few vintage toys, they had an awful lot of low-quality crap, though.

Where can I find more vintage toys and magazines?
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