Inexpensive Picture Framing in DC
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Inexpensive, quality picture framing shops in the DC metro area?

I have a variety of items (mostly campaign memorabilia) with extremely high sentimental value that I would like to have framed for preservation and display. This includes traditional items, such as posters and newspaper front pages, as well as some slightly non-traditional stuff like ticket stubs and vinyl yard signs. I'm hoping not to spend a fortune getting these items framed, but I want it to look good and I want it to last. Is there any place in DC or the surrounding area that fits the bill? I'm willing to drive out to the far reaches of suburbia to accomplish this mission, but I'd prefer something in the District.
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International Art Gallery and Custom Framing on K Street, near Farragut North. It might not be the very cheapest you'll find, but the prices are fair for good quality framing. The customer service is very good too - they'll work with you to get your project exactly the way you want it.
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Picture frame factory on 18th in Adam's Morgan has always done me right for a reasonable price.
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Plaza Arts, on Georgia Ave in Silver Spring. Great relatively local shop.
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Do you have a Jo-Ann's Fabrics or Michaels nearby? I go there often enough because the job they do is great, their help is genuine and they are relatively inexpensive (especially during those 50% off sales of whole custom framing orders).
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see also.
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