Nonbinary-friendly OBGYN recommendations in Washington DC?
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Can anyone recommend a good OBGYN in Washington DC who has experience working with nonbinary patients?

This is really important: it needs to specifically be someone who works with nonbinary patients, not just LGBTQ or trans patients generally. I need to be able to discuss the role of gender dysphoria in my reproductive health with someone who will not question my identity or experiences and who will fully understand the difference between being nonbinary and transitioning to male.

I am not looking for recommendations for general LGBTQ health resources; for example, Whitman-Walker does not give provider recommendations. I have a PPO insurance plan so don't worry about insurance for the purposes of this question. Also I'm in DC proper and don't have a car but could use public transit or rideshare to get to appointments since I don't anticipate seeing an OBGYN more than a couple times per year.
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Can you clarify if there’s a reason not to use Whitman-Walker Health as your health provider, rather than a resource? They are known for their HIV/ AIDS care, but they offer a wide range of health care, including gynecological care. Although I guess I’m not sure about obstetrics if you need that specifically.
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Response by poster: alligatorpear: Can you clarify if there’s a reason not to use Whitman-Walker Health as your health provider, rather than a resource?

Not at all, I'd be happy to use them if I learn that they have gynecology providers experienced working with nonbinary patients. It's unclear to me if they have a gyno-specific practice at all vs. general medicine that includes gynecological health.
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Best answer: Seconding One Medical; I go to Amy Stulman, as do many trans and nonbinary folks in DC. She is very knowledgeable regarding nonbinary experience specifically, not just ftm transition. I haven't gone to her for gyno-specific stuff but she may be a good starting point.
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Best answer: It sounds like the parameters are:
  • you want a provider with confirmed experience working with afab non-binary people who are not interested in medical transition (because some of us are! or did, in my case)
  • you want someone whose practice is focused on ob-gyn, not someone who does primary care and does routine gyn care as part of that
Whitman-Walker is (to my understanding) not going to meet the second requirement. I actually don't think OneMedical will, either.
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Response by poster: More or less yes, hoyland, but I do consider some of my reproductive health choices to be medical transition.
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Response by poster: I guess to sum up I need a provider who genuinely, truly, actually believes that what I do with my body is my choice and mine only rather than someone who pays lip service to the concept.
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