Where in DC to sit and read for a few hours?
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The Mister and I are in DC. He wants to go to some museums. I am having hip and back pain and mobility challenges so I’d rather find a cafe with a comfy chair where I can read for a few hours. Where should I go that is within 2 blocks of Metro or bus lines, near to the Smithsonian complex, Dupont Circle, or points between? I found this question that’s 5 years old.
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Best answer: You can take the 42 bus from Dupont Circle (or starting at 9th and F, close to the Mall) to Tryst in Adams Morgan. Comfy seating galore along with friendly staff and a nice menu. Memail me if you want some company!
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I am a big fan of the Hirshhorn for its art and beautiful setting. The cafe is nice, too, if the offerings are limited. The inside can get loud but outside is lovely although rain is expected for the next few days. The Botanic Gardens don't have a cafe but are gorgeous outside and in. I've been to a number of DC libraries and find them so pleasant, too.
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Go to Gallery Place Metro, location of the big square building which contains two Smithsonian museums: the National Portrait Gallery and the American Art Museum. Between them is a covered courtyard which contains a cafe. There's also one upstairs, and some nice restaurants outside. Note that this location is several blocks from the Smithsonian 'complex' which is actually the national mall (the big open space between the Capitol and the Washington Monument). Alternatively, if you're around the Mall try the two non-Smithsonian (but still free) museums there, the National Gallery of Art and its contemporary East Wing. The basement space between these two contains one of the best dining options convenient to most of the Smithsonian museums, and the original National has many lesser-attended rooms with old art and sometimes comfy couches, where one can sit and read for hours.
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Best answer: No one has had any Dupont Circle recommendations yet, so I hereby recommend Emissary at 20th and P. It has a lot of space, comfy chairs, and good coffee - that combo is very rare in Dupont. You can also pick up an extra book or two at the excellent Second Story Books just a block away at 21st and P.
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Best answer: Kramerbooks is also a nice cafe/indie bookstore in Dupont Circle if you wanted to cycle through a couple of comfy coffee shops while you're there.
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Some ideas closer to the Smithsonian: The new East Building of the National Gallery of Art has a nice cafe with some padded, booth-like seats. The main cafe has just hard chairs. You can head to the Starbucks at 3rd and Pennsylvania, which is not your normal Starbucks - it has a really nice, quiet upstairs, including a few armchairs. A few more blocks down Pennsylvania is Bourbon Coffee, which has armchairs in the bay window area. There's also a Philz Coffee in Navy Yard.
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Best answer: Another vote for Emissary!! That's just what you want!
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I love Kramerbooks so that's my top rec!
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Response by poster: I’m at Emissary - super chill, but only a small number of upholstered chairs and they are vintage so not super arthritis-friendly.
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