Best Widgets and Apps for Garmin Running Watches
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Tell me about the Garmin widgets, applications, and activity downloads that have changed your life. Or you like a lot. I am wedded to the Garmin ecosystem for exercise over the last 15 years. Now a proud owner of a Fenix 6X Pro, I have lots of storage and love the new compact widget screen. Hit me with your favourites and why you like them. Watch faces too, if you have found something special
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I have a 5 plus, so don't know all the latest bells and whistles.

Some apps that I use are Boulder/Climbing Wall for tracking climbs, and Multitimer and Tabata for interval timers. 7-minute workout is good for short workouts while traveling. There's also a pomodoro timer app I've played with but I usually use my phone instead.

DozenWalk and DozenRun are my favorite data fields for hiking and running, respectively. There's also DozenCycle. I like the way they show basically everything I care about on one screen.

I use CleanAnalogPlus as a watch face because it's simple, clean, and customizable. Tick marks for hours and minutes, no numbers, date on the right and battery percentage on the left are all I want to see.

This isn't an app, but I've found that I really like seeing the training effect of my workouts - getting it in the 3-4 range is a pretty good sign of an intense workout. Eventually I realized that I can set up a data field to show the aerobic and anaerobic training effect so I can see it during the workout - I use it to decide how hard to push and to motivate myself. Like oh, I'm at a 2.8, I'll go hard up this hill.

This might be old news for you, but setting up my phone to send notifications to the watch has been great for me. I can see text messages and mark them read quickly on my wrist - even send short replies from a list I customized (yes, no, ok, running late...). I can decline phone calls from the watch. Etc. I can check it during a meeting without having to pull out my phone. One drawback: the watch doesn't get the memo when the phone is on do not disturb, notifications still get passed to the watch.

This might sound weird, but: there's an Android app called Notification of Mindfulness (Nom) that will give you notifications at random times through the day, selected from a list that you write. With the watch I get a quick notification on my wrist with little messages like "Take a few deep breaths" and "How can I be kind to myself now?" This may sound silly - maybe it is genuinely silly - but during the pandemic having a way to basically send myself a little kind postcard a few times a day has been nice.

Have you already set up music for exercise and bluetooth headphones? I love that.
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It's very simple, but I like the Frinkr Notes app, which just lets you get to a screen of notes you can edit on your phone. I use it for things like locker number, PIN code for the gym, combination number of a bicycle lock, etc.
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