Save my banana bread
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How best can I use stale banana bread?

I pulled a banana bread (well, it's probably more a banana cake*) out of the freezer. Unfortunately it's a bit stale-tasting on the defrost.

I can tolerate it by smothering the piece in Nutella, but I'm wondering if using it in French toast might work to perk it up a bit? Open to other suggestions also.

It's a loaf tin size, texture is pretty firm.

*Recipe to indicate type of cake/bread: 1 cup SR flour, 1 cup sugar (I didn't use this much due to sweetness of the banana, wondering if this is part of the issue) half a cup milk, 2 eggs, 1 tsp, vanilla, 1 ripe mashed banana, 2tbs of melted butter.
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Best answer: Yes, absolutely to French toast. Or tear into pieces and make it into a bread pudding/baked french toast.
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You can try simply toasting it, too. Slather with butter, or not. My high school friend's mother did this routinely with day-old cake slices. Toasting can revive stale baked goods.
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Use it for bread pudding.
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I grill banana bread even when it's fresh. Either in a pan or on my sandwich press. Delicious.
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After you cut off the bits you want to eat, nuke them in the microwave for about 30-60 seconds (depending how much and the strength of your microwave). While I like warm baked goods, I often don't like the dry, abrasive texture produced by toast and the microwave makes stale things warm and moist and delicious.

It is especially good for deli bagels (rather than store bought, which tend to be softer and full of preservatives).
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Response by poster: French Toast was a winner, looking forward to trying other options.
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Best answer: I would cut it into cubes, toss it will melted butter (and maybe a little cinnamon sugar) and toast them in the oven to eat with ice cream, like dessert croutons! Riffing on banana bread trifle could be great too.

Lots of stuff comes out of the freezer weird, and lowering the sugar might indeed have made it worse. Sugar is hydrophilic, so it keeps baked goods soft. Your recipe also didn't have much fat in it, and fat also keeps baked goods moist.
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Briefly re-heated and then soaked in hot custard.
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