Looking for trivia app for bright 8 year old
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Like everyone approaching the one year anniversary of staying home, our 8 year old is BORED. He likes trivia. Is there a cool trivia app that he would enjoy playing either alone or with others? Doesn’t have to be kid focused. He thinks he’s ready for all things grown up.
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Memrise is addictive and fun if you're the sort of person to enjoy a flashcard app, which I am. I'd have quite enjoyed this at 8.
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Not sure if it counts as an app, but my grandkids like Kahoot and we played together with multiple households using Zoom.
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Does he know about sporcle?
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Came here to say Sporcle, see that ChuraChura beat me to it.
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In case you're reasonably near the Eastern time zone of the US, the North Carolina Museum of Natural History hosts virtual trivia every Tuesday evening -- it's a lot of fun, questions at a range of knowledge levels, and kid-friendly. Sometimes there is a Raleigh or North Carolina bias in the questions (eg. what species of whale do we have in this exhibit), but not often.

It also uses the Kahoot app (or a web-browser), and the host gives questions via a youtube livestream. There's a trivia tonight!
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