Yes, the moon rock is all well and good, but...
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Does anyone know what the books on the bookshelf in the Oval Office are?

So I've been hearing a lot about the (much-needed) changes Biden has made to the decor and art in the Oval Office, but I cannot find a list of the books that are in the bookshelf with the moon rock. That's it, that's the question, really. Apologies for the lack of photo, but I'm on mobile. Does anyone know what's in that shelf, apart from, presumably, a copy of the Constitution?
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Looking at the pictures here, the dark blue volumes seem to be Writings of Washington (similar set partially pictured here.) I can't make out enough of the writing on the other ones to guess.
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Zooming in, The red ones on the 3rd shelf are American Works.
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This is the biggest copy of the first one I linked to that I could find (thanks, Tin Eye!), but I couldn't figure out the titles on the first shelf from a zoom in.
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I think the red books may say "Hawthorne's Works" - I can make out what looks like the W and the T, and an apostrophe S, on a few. It seems that is what some old collections of Nathaniel Hawthorne's work were titled, though I can't find any with the exact same spine decoration.
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Yup, whoops, not American Works. It looks like Hawthorne's Works might be from around the 1880s.

- tiny google result of a dead ebay page for 1884 hawthorne's works
- similar but not identical 1882 set
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Top shelf looks like a series with changing author and title.
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Top shelf seems to be Yale University Press Chronicles of America, example here
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So, not much of a library. You know, someone ought to donate a full set of the 342-volume Library of America.
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Everyone already confirmed my own IDs, but FYI, this is the highest-res version of his bookcase I could find.
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