Factual information on recreational drugs and teenage brains?
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Can anyone suggest balanced, rigorous and un-moralising sources of information on what recreational drugs do to the developing teenage brain, presented in a way that is appropriate for a teenager?
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I'm an instructional designer and just finished writing a online course on cannabis for the Canadian Nurses Association. Here are some Canadian resources (they may be less stigmatizing because cannabis has been a legal substance in Canada for people over 18 since October 2017).
The Blunt Truth: Useful tips about safer ways to use cannabis
Cannabis Talk Kit: Know How to Talk with Your Teen (written just prior to the legalization of cannabis in Canada)
A list of further resources on the Drug Free Kids website
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There is a government sponsored Dutch youtube channel that is a great drug education resource. They aim to satisfy people's curiosity and engage in harm reduction by taking drugs on camera and talking about their effects. It is aimed at young people.

Youtube Link

I find the content is pretty balanced, acknowledging that drugs can make you feel great and terrible, have effects on your health, and endanger yourself or others. They also talk about relevant Dutch laws, so you’ll have to make it clear to the viewer that those may be different for whatever locale you are in.

It does not have a particular emphasis on effects on developing brains, but it’s a start.
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Best answer: The UK's TalkToFrank is balanced, clear, and teenage-focused, I think.
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I'm an emergency physician/medical toxicologist.

I was a pre-publication reviewer of the following book, and I know many of its contributors personally. It's the best overview of the subject(s) I've seen, and it's the one I keep in my office for reference.

The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: The Current State of Evidence and Recommendations for Research
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