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My partner has a small art studio where she does some painting and other crafty things. I'd like to get her a gift (or gifts) that will add some joy to the room.

She has an easel now, and could use something to prop up her tablet/phone/book that she's using as source material for what she's working on. I also thought a bluetooth speaker would be a nice addition, but I'm open to any and all other suggests that can help improve her space. Cost isn't a major concern - I'm willing to spend a bit more if it makes the studio more inviting and enjoyable.
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Best answer: Lighting is vital. Pretty much anything that can help her control, adjust, or increase light to the correct spots will be very helpful. Depending on how the space is set up this might be clamp lights, or a big ring light, or curtains, or a table lamp with a big cantilevered arm, or collapsible reflective discs, or something to cast diffused light on the wall behind her work area, or even a headlamp.

What is her footwear situation when she is working in there? If she is a barefoot sort of painter she might really appreciate a cushioned mat like the sort you’d put in front of a kitchen sink.
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Best answer: No idea if it's relevant for you, but a fancy electric tea kettle and accompanying tea-making tools were well received by my spouse when she kept a studio.
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Best answer: Plants. Lots of plants.
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Best answer: Lighting, maybe a standing lamp that has a flexible part so it can be aimed; Ikea always has some.
Phone dock/speakers.
Small heater and/or fan.
Fairy lights.
Be on the lookout for a really beautiful rug, maybe a comfy chair and pretty throw for a cozy sitting area.
A shawl for chilly days or fleece pullover or vest.
Are there enough outlets, extension cords? Not sexy, but very useful.
I use a music stand when I need my laptop handy.
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Best answer: If this is a home studio, or a place where you feel comfortable installing some not-cheap stuff, then I think some Philips Hue lightbulbs would be really great - you can control the lighting intensity and color from your phone, which is so great.

A google nest home or an Amazon Alexa can control the lights for you, also, and can play music, and as someone who had a sewing studio at one time, being able to control both these things from phone or by voice would be huge.
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Best answer: She might like nice plentiful shelves and/or something like this ALEX
Drawer unit on casters
If she is doing crafts, she surely has tools and supplies that need to be well stored and easy accessible.
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Response by poster: I don't love it when every answer is marked as best answer, but here I am, marking everything as best answer. I think all of these were quite good, and I'll probably use suggestions from each answer. If not for her birthday, then for the next upcoming event.

Lighting, storage, fairy lights and a Google speaker (I had thought of a bluetooth speaker, but didn't think of using a Google speaker, even though we have them in other areas of the home) would all be quite useful. Will also get her some lighting she can control with the speaker. The tea idea is definitely appropriate, but space is quite limited, so I'll have to figure out the best solution for that.

Thank you!
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For my crafting area, I got myself a few of these rolling carts to store supplies in. These particular ones are a bit flimsy, so the cart that I store tools in wobbles a bit, but the good features are : they roll under the table and are out of the way when not in use; the drawers are mesh, so it's easy to see where stuff is, even from the side; and each drawer easily slides out so I can put the drawer with the appropriate supplies onto the table beside where I'm working and have everything I need easily at hand.
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