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I have a $200 gift certificate for the US Amazon site ( The problem is, I live in an EU country and I would prefer to avoid possible shipping delays or border taxes. So I am looking for third party sellers on who are based in the EU, and ship from an EU country.

Can you help me spend my money? I like furniture and housewares, "design" items, art and fancy foods. So far the only potential seller I've found is Shopdecor (based in Italy).

Thank you for any seller recommendations, or tips for filtering Amazon sellers by location!
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Best answer: The Global Store might be helpful, although there's a risk that UK suppliers will be listed there as well as EU ones, which is sadly now definitely a shipping delay / border tax situation.
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I live in Portugal. Myself and others have learned the hard way only to buy from EU sellers whose shipping choices are only companies located in the EU.
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Best answer: Different direction, but have you checked to see if you can use the gift card for digital goods, such as audio books though Audible or ebooks from the Kindle store?
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I think this will be difficult because even if the seller is listing themselves in a country, that's no guarantee that all the goods they sell are also coming from that country.
For example since the ePacket postal changes in 2020, there are many Chinese sellers listing themselves as UK based, and they dispatch some items via a UK base and others direct from China.

The standard shipping charges from to Europe don't automatically get lower just because you select a seller that happens to be in your country. Arguably they should, but they don't.

If you don't have friends in the US you can use the gift card for, another option is using Ebay to drop ship some Amazon product to convert the Amazon credit into a paypal balance you can spend anywhere. The 15% or so cost in fees can be less that the cost of international postage+import fees.
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Just in case you haven’t already considered this: you can sell or trade gift cards online in a number of places. A quick search came up with this list. I’ve never tried this myself, but given the lack of good options I thought I ought to mention it.

Good luck!
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone who answered! The ones I marked as best didn't completely solve my problem, but they are probably my best options to further explore. The Global store at least can give me some leads, with lots of clicking. As for using the card for digital media, I don't have a Kindle and it'll be tough for me to spend that much on audio... however it seems to be the easiest option.
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