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Metafilter introduced me to two of my favorite websites of all time: Louis v. Rick and Animals Talking in All Caps. What other talking animals would make me laugh? Twitter accounts, Instagram follows are welcome plus sites that update.

This is very specific for me: I love first-person animal humor. I loved this tweet of a tiktok. I love pet-shaming signs written in first person. I'm already following dog_rates and dog_feelings. It doesn't have to be dogs, all animals domesticated and wild are welcome to talk to me.
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My mom recommended the talking dachsund Moonpie Starbox on YouTube. It's pretty funny!
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Bored Panda sometimes has posts like this (but it regularly has animal posts) and gets updated frequently.
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What a good question! I still use CAPS LOCK IS HOW I FEEL INSIDE but worry that people don't get it any more. I like Thoughts of Dog (which you already know about) and Thoughts of Cat on Twitter best for this, as well as Disgusting Animals* (*sarcasm!) on Tumblr.
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Perhaps They Can Talk would meet your needs?
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Have you ever seen Cats in Therapy?
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