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This song, YT: "Hands Down (Trentemoller's Blissed Out Mix)" is strongly reminding me of another song a lot like it. I find myself desperately trying to remember what it was. Please help! Clues and unreliable memories within.

Both songs have very similar mood or "vibe" I can't really describe, female singer, sparse melody.

I think the song I'm trying to remember is from the early 1990s and I think the band has a day of the week in their name?

I think some one here on metafilter mentioned the song and that their dog sings along with it.

Thank you!
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My first instinct was Cocteau Twins but maybe The Sundays are the band you’re looking for.
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I was gonna say Cocteau Twins as well. Wax and Wane.
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Going off your clue about the band name... something by Til Tuesday or solo Aimee Mann?
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The answer is "Life in a Northern Town" by Dream Academy

(I mean, no, no it's not, but that's a good song.)

I'm also reminded of *some* of the Silversun Pickups...
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Best answer: My guess was maybe Dead Can Dance's "Frontier," which does show up in this blue post where someone says their dog sings along to some other 4AD band. His Name is Alive is also mentioned in that same blue post, and their song "If July" is a notable one with a calendar word in it and at least a couple of fans on Metafilter.
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Response by poster: That Dead Can Dance one is really interesting guess. I know I would have heard it a long time ago, I was a big fan. I was really looking for "Need" by The Glee Club linked in that blue thread, although listening to the two songs back-to-back, I wonder why I thought it might have been that. Great guesses everyone, I've enjoyed listening to them.

Thank you everyone, and especially Wobbuffet for finding what I couldn't, not even searching my own favorites.
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I'm going to go along with the Sunday's Cocteau Twins suggestions too - for the bass driven intro has some shades of Hideous Towns by the Sundays - and the texture reminds of of tracks like Musette and Drums and Rococco from the Cocteau twins (as well, for sure, Wax and Wane).
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