Specific brands of indoor booties, and Heat Holders falling apart?
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Two-part question on keeping my feet warm: please recommend specific indoor booties, and let me know how your Heat Holders socks hold up.

Like 90% of MeFites, my feet get cold in the winter.

I currently have this pair of slipper booties that are way too big for my feet, and I've tended to wear regular Hanes crew socks plus Wigwam hiking socks inside the slippers (although since the slippers are so big, I tend to only use them at my desk; I take them off when I get up to walk around).

I got a pair of Heat Holder socks, which are really warm and comfy - but I got them in mid-October and they already have big holes in the toes and are shedding clumps of disintegrated sock. Since I got them, I've been using them in place of the Wigwams, so: regular Hanes sock, then Heat Holders, then slippers.

So my questions are:

1. Can you recommend specific booties that have worked well for you?

2. Can you tell me how your Heat Holders have held up? Am I just too hard on mine? (I wear them every single day, all day, often inside those too-big slippers, so maybe I'm just expecting too much?)

Note: I'm fairly price-sensitive on this stuff, so I've been looking at booties in the $20-25 range, like the SLPR booties or the Tentock down booties.

Thank you!
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Heat Holders don’t last very well - I darned a whole pile of them for my mum this Christmas and they should have slightly more life left in them now, but yes, same experience except rotating several pairs helps slow the wear.
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I wear my Heat Holders most nights and while they do shed a decent amount of fuzz, I haven't wound up with toe holes. I have at least one pair that is a few years old, but like lotka, I roate them. I usually just wear them inside crocs inside and not with normal shoes. My advice is usually Heat Holders but if you've had bad luck with them, really anything inside down booties that gets changed frequently enough (I find it's the dampness if sweaty feet that is the chiller/killer here). I have ones basically like the SLPR ones. I'd also suggest not doubling up on socks because sometimes if your socks are too tight that can be a problem, one reason I like down+Heat Holders is because they're so lofty.
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If you're wearing cotton socks next to your skin, they're going to end up chilling your feet if they get sweaty at all. Don't do that! Stick with wool layers.
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I have several pair of wool Wigwam socks and have learned that buying a size too large keeps my feet warmer as body heat warms up the air in that space. For slippers, LL Bean Wicked Good Slippers (suede sheepskin upper and lambs wool lining) are $$$ but have lasted more than ten years. Fleece or any kind of acrylic or synthetic don’t provide any insulation and just make my feet sweat and get cold. Wool all the way.
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My Heat Holders only lasted a winter. I only wore them indoors.

My warmest slipper options are down booties designed for winter backpacking, worn with thin socks for moisture wicking. Mine are similar to these, I've had them about 15 years now. A cheaper option would be these. I haven't tried them but the principle would be the same, although they don't appear to have the thick insulated sole.
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100% down booties are the way to go. i have the iciest feet, and run quite cold all year. decent down slippers will be more expensive than socks, but a will last years of daily use. the warmer the slipper, the less it matters which socks you have. i have an older version of these Taiga booties (for point of reference) and they actually warm me up head to toe. or toe to head? however that works...
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I'm currently trying out some battery-heated socks, not 100% sure they're the answer but they do heat up nice and toasty. One set of batteries lasts about 6 hours on medium heat (low heat is useless). "Teetown" brand on Amazon for about $30. No data on longevity.
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