Setting up iPhone for 2 year old
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Thinking of setting up an iphone for the grandaughter. What apps would you recommend for an almost three year old? Perhaps a game or two, but mostly music oriented apps for tiny human. What say you? It's an old iphone 6s, so nothing too fancy.
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Sago Mini games are the absolutely best for the little ones. Adorable and fun.
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Be aware that if permitted she will utterly reorganize the various screens; my niece at that age took about fifteen minutes to realize a long-click meant she could move things, and suddenly all the apps were nine levels deep in subfolders with names like XXVVVZZZZCCCZZIZZZ. I genuinely am not sure where she buried the weather app.

...also, leave the Camera app. Once she discovers it in about a year or two she'll have endless fun with it.
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Obligatory fun fact: cell phones without data plans or SIM cards or any of that can still make 911 calls.
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SoundTouch was a hit with my toddlers. Each screen has maybe 12 squares with a drawing in each one and if you touch one of the drawings it shows you a real world picture and makes a sound. There are several screens, one with animals, one with musical instruments, one with vehicles and one with household items.

We also enjoyed Metamorphabet and Peekaboo Barn.
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That’s right, teremala. My daughter was able to accidentally call 911 just with a long press on the number 9.

At that age, my kids liked Sound Board apps that made short musical sounds, sneezes, doorbells, and fart noises. Hilarity! And I know you asked about apps, but just as a side note, they also loved images I downloaded of cute baby animals and saved under photos.
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Khan Academy Kids is GREAT and free. She’s not too young for it - my young three year old loves it.

We also got a lot of mileage out of the Duck Duck Moose apps on long car rides.
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Toca Boca apps are a delight.
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My son started using the Pepi Play apps around that age, particularly Pepi Doctor and Pepi Play
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