The cloud storage for music shuffle
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I want a cloud storage service AND an Android app that will allow me to shuffle play music from several folders via my phone. Why is this so hard?

The critical pieces here are the shuffle capability and not having to download all these files to my phone before playing them.

What I don't want:

1) Having to cue up files one at a time manually each and every time. I don't mind adding a bunch of files to a playlist once, then letting the app do the shuffling.
2) samba configuration. I hate samba with the fire of 1,000 suns; it never works for me. I just tried it as a way to share a Box folder via my router, and it failed inexplicably yet again, and this is why I'm here.
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Best answer: I'm still happy with CloudPlayer. It does what you describe!
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I have used Plex, Emby, and Jellyfin. They're all the answer you are looking for, with matching android apps.

I'm currently using Jellyfin on the server and Gelli on the phone. Both are free/open source. Gelli is an app specifically for music, so it has a more focused interface for things like shuffling and albums.
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