Good Quality Slipper Socks in the UK
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I'm finding it unreasonably hard to get good quality slipper socks. Can you give me any suggestions? In a perfect world they would be all (or mostly) natural fibers; durable; and available for purchase in the UK, where I live. At this point, I would probably settle for two out of three.

I've ordered a variation on these M&S slipper socks. They were comfy but the heels wore out after a season. I also got hand-knitted wool slipper socks from Etsy but they were itchy and the heels wore out within a month.

Please note that I am very specifically not looking for shoe-like slippers! Shoe-like slippers interfere with crucial foot-bending and toe-wiggling. Only slipper socks offer the combination of warmth and flexibility that a cold-footed fidgeter like me requires.
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I have these from Matalan and they're great. Although they're men's, the smaller size fits me just fine.
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I like Falke Cosyshoe slipper socks. They have felt underneath to make them more robust, hopefully you would still find them flexible enough. Mine are going strong after two years.

I find them comfy although personally I wear them with normal socks inside so I don’t have to wash them all the time, so YMMV.
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I buy the cheap synthetic fast fashion ones from Primark/Pennys that come in packs of 3 and rotate them and they last forever.
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I swear by Heat Holders, my feet have never been so toasty and I bought pairs for most of the folks on my Christmas list this year.
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Everybody, my soon-to-be-warm feet and I thank you! I will check out those suggestions.
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