An escape room in a box that also teaches you stuff?
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Looking for a product I saw in an ad a while back - basically an electrical engineering course mailed to you in a box, but with a fictional wrapper where you're a stranded astronaut completing these engineering projects in order to escape.

I am looking for a product that was advertised to me on Facebook some time ago, but I can't find the ad again.

It was a sort of basic electrical engineering course in a box you could order, except there was also a roleplaying element. You were supposed to be some sort of stranded explorer - an astronaut on an alien planet, or you were trapped underwater in a submarine, or something like that, but you had some sort of communication established with mission control, which was guiding you through the tasks you needed to escape by telling you how to complete these basic engineering projects. So, like, imagine a combination of The Martian or the mobile game Lifeline with a Mysterious Package Company crate, except it's supposed to be educational and teach you actual skills.

Does anyone know how I can find this product again?
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It's not *electrical* engineering per se, but Turing Tumble's puzzles are presented in a comic book about a stranded astronaut.
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Try a search for STEM toys.
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was is thirty days lost in space? I had to search around after seeing the ads as well. Sent one as a gift a few weeks ago and it was a hit.
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I just got an advert on Facebook from "Engineering Trends" for 30 Days Lost in Space, presumably the same one th3ph17 linked to. The advert starts "Cadet... Can you hear me?" and if you click through you learn that you are trapped underwater in your damaged shuttle on an alien planet.
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