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My boyfriend wants a pair of high rise, slim leg, preferably black jeans. I have scoured the internets but for men it seems slim or skinny leg jeans only come in lower rise. Do jeans like this even exist?

His current jeans have about a 10”-10.5” rise which look lowish on him — he’d want an 11-12” rise I guess. He also hates how men’s jeans are cut so the pockets sag lower in the back. I can only find the higher rise on relaxed/wide/dad jeans though. I know baggier jeans are in now but not his style. Do slim leg high rise jeans for men exist? He is a slim guy who wears standard sizes.
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I know it's a weird option but have you tried Ebay? I don't know his size but a general search for men's high rise slim black jeans found a bunch. Of course, some (most?) are pre-owned. (I have bought slightly used jeans on Ebay with good results, though I know it may not appeal to everyone.)
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These from Asos are in gray but otherwise fit the bill.
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Ooh, they have them in black too.
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Ask the Strategist: I’m a Man and I Want High-Waisted Jeans (NY Mag)
[In comment section: "Levi's 501's have 11.25" rise."
"Wranglers cowboy cut have 12" rise."
"Wranglers at Wally World for $19.95, tailored to fit at the Dry Cleaners for $20-$25."
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I can't find the rise of Uniqlo "mid-rise", but these are likely worth at try?
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Depending on what your price range is, this jean finder from Self Edge might be useful. You can enter a front rise you'd like and it'll return a bunch of jeans that match. Here's a pair that just about matches his criteria (depending on his waist size).
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As far as I can tell, this is the entire reason Wranglers exist. Their slim cut is definitely just on the slim side of normal, and not any kind of skinny jeans situation. And their other styling is kind of uncool. But by god, they sure do make high-rise close-fitting men's jeans.
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