Beautyrest versus Tempur-Pedic chairs?
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Does anyone have experience with the Beautyrest Sofil 49404B chair or the Tempur-Pedic TP9000 chair? How does the seat cushion hold up, and how does the gas cylinder last?

I am 6'1" tall, and my legs are long; I need a decent chair for my WFH set-up.

I have tried every chair under $300 at Staples, and these are the only two where I don't have to fold my legs under -- which really hurts by the end of every damn day. (The alternative -- sticking my legs out in front -- puts me at risk of kicking the power strip's switch, and that's a big no-no for all the Distance Learning going on around here.)

I weigh about 190 pounds, so I am also curious to hear it if anyone knows good or bad things about whether the height adjustment thing loses its grip after a while.

We're starting another lock-down here in Rhode Island, and I can't go out physically shopping at refurbished office chair places (as Andy Inatkho suggested this weekend).

Thanks for any advice!
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I've owned what a I think is the mid back version of the TP since March and I'm still happy with the seat. I can’t speak to the height adjustment - I'm your weight but at 5’10 have found the lowest setting to be still a bit high for my liking and use a foot stool. I did find the seat wouldn’t hold it's tilt setting when I got it but tightening a bolt opposite the locking lever fixed that. I think I'd rate it one of my top office chair purchases out of the 6 or so I've had over the years...just wish it would go a bit lower.
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I bought the Tempur-Pedic when Staples dropped the price again in Cyber Monday, with free shipping.

Nnnnnnnaturally, this weekend my wife decided to paint the office so I had to relocate my WFH setup to a corner of my basement workbench, where I will stand all day until it's done. *sigh* I'm still excited about the chair, though.)
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