My shoes are too funky !
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I bought a pair of shoes via ebay (Doc Martens, casual) but they've come from a house where they obviously smoked because they have a bad cigarette/nicotine odor. I've tried to clean them but the smell hasn't dissipated. Any tips on eradicating this stench appreciated. They are leather upper, DM soles.
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Best answer: Activated charcoal. It's sold at pet supplies stores in the section for tropical fish needs. For shoes and clothing, I normally put charcoal in an old sock or a cloth bag to avoid getting black stuff on everything. You might want to put the shoes and the charcoal into a plastic bag or covered box.
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After the charcoal treatment, hours (or if possible, days) of direct sunshine and/or a UV lamp.
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Be careful with sun on leather. I ruined a good pair of shoes that way once.
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Ozone treatment works for odors like that but it might be a bit much to buy an ozone generator just for one pair of shoes.
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Putting stuff in a box with crumpled up newspaper also works if you still have newspaper.
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