If I won’t be drawing with it, why would I need an Apple Pencil 2?
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I can’t find a straightforward answer to this question. I don’t plan on downloading any drawing programs, so what could a Pencil 2 do for me? I’m imagining a scenario like this: editing a document and singling out, say, an exclamation point to be italicized. That’s hard to do with a mouse with any precision: could a Pencil 2 pinpoint things like that better?

What I’m also saying is: convince me why I need an Apple Pencil 2. I would rather like to buy one.
I’m using an iPad Pro 11-inch, second genreration and a Magic Mouse 2, if that’s relevant.
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I find a Pencil useful for:
  • Taking notes in meetings. Using a keyboard props up the iPad, which can acts as a "barrier" between you and the person you're talking to.
  • Marking up documents with my own annotations - I frequently highlight/circle/underline key parts of documents for my own understanding.
  • Navigating websites that are not particularly tablet friendly and render particularly small buttons.
  • Using the iPad when my hands are dirty (example, when cooking) - the touch screen doesn't register particularly well when you have a bit of oil or food on your fingers.

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Reason I got one was that I wanted to make easy a read-and-highlight-passages workflow. I have a large number of books in PDF form (and Kindle app form, too) that I am working through, and if I want to highlight a passage on the document, a Pencil is great for that.
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If you will ever use the iPad for remote desktop to a windows computer using the official Microsoft app, the pencil 2 is much much better than using a finger and the virtual mouse.

Also if you aren't fast at typing on the screen you can now use scribble to type on the iPad, I wasn't a fun, but I'm sure there are people out there who are.
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I use mine with GoodNotes to take notes like I would on paper (I just hate paper). It’s also great for highlighting in ebooks and marking up images/PDFs. Also fun for doing digital coloring books and a couple games I enjoy, like Vertex from the NYT.

I can definitely live without the Pencil, but I basically decided to ignore the cost and get the iPad Pro w/ all the bells and whistles.
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Using my iPad and pencil for document editing and proofreading (my own or someone else's) is a gamechanger. Mark up a PDF with highlights and margin notes, export edits to a new PDF, email to coauthors, done. I originally bought it for note taking during meetings and at work (I'm a researcher and have a 15 year stack of paper lab notebooks), and the pencil is a great part of that system. Note taking with the pencil is tough to replicate with a keyboard and mouse - I can freehand sketch a graph of results or a diagram from someone's presentations way faster and more accurately with it than I can with text or mouse scribbles.

I miss aspects of my paper notebooks (e.g., they can't distract me with Twitter) but that's not the pencil's fault - the pencil is great.
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Since I've been working at home, I use mine every day throughout the day, and my work would be far harder without it. I download PDF documents (lots and lots of them), and use the pen to highlight, make notes in the margins, circle important paragraphs, etc. I could do it with my finger too, but the pencil is about a thousand times easier to use because it can make fine lines, small notations, symbols like asterisks, etc. (I also use an iPad Pro 11-inch.)
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I'm a teacher. I have used an iPad constantly for many years. However I have always been sceptical of the pencil because of bad experiences with other styluses in the past. When we moved to remote learning during lockdown this year, I needed to move to fully online editing and marking of student work, and I had an allowance to buy any necessary equipment, so I bought a Pencil 2 more or less on a whim. It has been excellent — scribbling over PDFs, highlighting ebooks, taking handwritten notes (with excellent OCR). I now find myself going to meetings without pen and paper, because I can use the iPad and Pencil instead. Even after returning to in-person classes with students completing tests on paper, I have been scanning them to PDF so that I can keep using the iPad and Pencil. Absolutely one of those "why didn't I do this sooner?" purchases.
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I didn’t think I would ever use it, but I got one and I use it constantly, and only occasionally for actually writing things. I have wrist and hand issues from too much time at a keyboard, and I honestly find it way more comfortable than tapping the screen with my fingers. I use it for everything from taking notes to playing silly games to doing the Sunday crossword.
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I can scrawl nearly unreadable notes into Nebo with my Apple pencil and the OCR is pretty damn good. I can back them up to Dropbox or import them into Scrivener or Word or anything. It's amazing.

(Also, get custom engraving to inspire you, mine is "DJ OVERSHARE")
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Well, all right. Vox populi. An Apple Pencil 2 will soon be on its way to me.
Your responses have opened my eyes to the possibilities. Thank you, everyone.
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