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My mother loves to sew and make crafts, and she wants me to set up an online "store" just for family that doesn't take money, but points instead. She wants to be able to put her creations up just like a store, but assign them a point value based on the amount of time it took her to make it instead of an amount of money, and then give selected people a number of points that they can buy things with. Does such a shopping cart, or module / plugin thereof, already exist?

No need for credit card processing, but the points should then be deducted from the buyer's account at checkout.
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If it's just for family, I would have her keep track of points with a shared (or private) google sheet, and just post an album on facebook
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If you want more of a shopping experience, I think that the weebly free level website includes basic shopping. Set the price where $ = points and then do the google spreadsheet to keep track of how many points or "dollars" the person has left. I used weebly for my own website it was a pretty easy drag and drop experience.
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Just use a normal shopping website (pick whatever you prefer) and use voucher codes/gift card balance as "points".
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Just use a normal shopping website (pick whatever you prefer) and use voucher codes/gift card balance as "points".

This is a good idea, but may still require setting prices in dollars or other currency, which may feel too much like associating a monetary value with things.

In which case, pick a really obscure currency - the Mongolian tögrög, the Haitian gourde, etc - anything where nobody in the family will have any idea what the exchange rate is - and make that the only supported currency on the shop.

Some software may also let you customise the list of currencies, and even it doesn't do so easily, you might be able to do so relatively easily by editing a list somewhere in the code, and have prices show up in "points" that way.
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There are Magento plugins that will do this. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the plugin I used for this back when I was setting up sites for people, though.
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If by normal shopping website you mean a platform like Etsy, keep in mind you'll still need to pay listing fees of some sort.
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