What's the best way for me and my teen to learn to make Minecraft mods?
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Teen is 13, generally proficient with technology and Minecraft file structure, but resistant to extensive reading and tutorials that feel unrelated to Minecraft (for example, most intro to programming stuff). I'm comfortable with basic programming, but have no experience with Java. What are the best resources for getting started in 2020? Do we need any other software or anything? Bonus points for ways that teen and I can work together and projects across my Mac and her PC.
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The South Bend (IN) Code School put together a summer coding portal with 10-minute videos on different topics aimed at a variety of age ranges. There were at least two that did a pretty good job of showing how to install and modify mods for Minecraft without getting into the weeds of the actual code.

I don't have direct links to those videos but I think you can still sign up for an account on the portal and view the videos. My 12yo, who has little coding experience but plays a lot of Minecraft, was able to follow the instructions and get some mods working.
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CodeKingdoms.com has a drag-and-drop java code tool that allows you to make minecraft mods.
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