Help me ID a place in London from a TV show
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I'm watching BBC's The War of The Worlds and was wondering what is this place. I'm having a hard time finding it on Google Maps. The show is set in the early 20th century, does this place still exist?
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Best answer: Ha, I was so excited because at a glance I thought ooh that's the National Gallery I know this one (one of my fave places when I visited London), but then I looked at a pic of the National Gallery and nope, not quite right.

And then I found this.

Apparently it's St. George's Hall in Liverpool dressed up with CGI to look like Trafalgar Square/the National Gallery.

It doesn't exist!
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With Big Ben in the background there I think that is in Trafalgar Square.
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Response by poster: That's weird, because I remember Trafalgar Square from visiting it as a tourist, and the angles don't match at all... isn't this jarring to Londoners? To see Big Ben shouldn't you have your back to the National Gallery? That's a bit of a letdown, I'd expect BBC to be more attentive to London geography.
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I'd assume they're quite familiar with London, and the modifications are on purpose.
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This is definitely a digital pastiche of places.
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Here's the part of Liverpool that is playing the part of London
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It's supposed to be this view down Whitehall from Trafalgar Square (Google street view, hopefully it works for you), but obviously...
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Best answer: It's the area around St George's Hall, not St George's Hall itself. The building with the columns is the Walker Art Gallery. (If you pan around on robself's link, St George's Hall is the building across the road with the curved end).
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(I grew up in Liverpool and live in London and yes, seeing them both mashed up like that is rather jarring.)
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