Seeking a jacket that accomodates an hourglass shape
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Where is my light parka, similar to this or this, that accomodates hips and boobs? Women's straight sizes.

Maybe the answer is the ones I linked to -- it's hard to tell from the model photos. I need room in the chest and hips, but less in the waist. More curves, less square.

Bonus difficulty: I'm very short, so would prefer a shorter cut.

I don't need mega-warmth, just a compact outer layer that's easy to shove in a bag. Approximate size is women's medium or 8-10. Easy online ordering + returns a must, given the situation.

Thank you!
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Bravissimo has one option -- one! -- but it might be the right thing. I will be very interested to hear what other people come up with, since I find it kind of uninspiring.
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Universal Standard! I'm a size 16 but have a 10-11 inch difference between my waist and hips/bust and really struggle with jackets. Their puffer bomber zips up with no problems, no boob squishing or hip pinching, and doesn't bag at the waist. They have some other styles, too, but the bomber is a nice cropped length. They're online only so ordering and returning are simple, and they have frequent sales/coupons.
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Land's End - ultralight packable jacket
Land's End - puffer
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Best answer: I can endorse the Uniqlo ones, I have a lot of hip and their down vest has been great for me. The price is right and they are super packable.
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Best answer: Also coming in to say the Uniqlo one you posted works for me, a size 10-12. Plenty of room and it fits into a tiny bag the size of a small loaf of bread. It is plenty warm too, but lightweight.
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I am about the same size as you, and prefer the same kind of cut. I have this one from Lole and one similar from Columbia and both work well for me.
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Women are shaped in many ways; coats and jackets with "Viennese" or "princess" seams taper the garment's silhouette through the waist. Drawstring/drawcord waists are something to look for, too.
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Response by poster: (Apologies for the insult in my shortcut description -- you're absolutely right, women's shapes come in all sizes. I should have specifically said "hourglass shape" is what I want. Thank you for the correction, Iris Gambol. I'm going to ask the mods if I can edit my headline.)
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Response by poster: I did end up trying this one from Uniqlo and it worked (and the price was ultra-cheap on sale). I'm pretty hippy so I've sort of maxed out the available space, but it'll do. Thank you!
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