Recommendations for gloves?
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I would like a pair of gloves to keep my hands warm in the winter, both outside and possibly in my house (ugh). Requirements/specs: allow for use of touch-screen phone; fit short, stubby ladyfingers. Thanks!
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Oh hello, past me.

I am still very happy with my Glider Gloves. I have washed them MANY MANY times, the capacitant thread is pretty much kaput at this point, but they lasted long enough to get my money's worth out of them (two Chicago winters) and I would buy a new pair if I were planning to leave the house this winter. (They are still warm and comfortable, just dodgy on tapping phone/kindle at this point.)
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If you're of a DIY bent you can get whatever gloves you like and stitch your own conductive thread into the fingertips.
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(FWIW I ordered the small in the Glider Gloves and they fit my dumb stubby baby hands so nicely.)
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Response by poster: Ooh, thanks, phunnimee! Somehow I searched and your question did not surface!
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silenced all my life
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I find fingerless gloves a good combination of warm and touch-screen capable. I lose gloves frequently, so they have to be affordable.
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they haven't arrived yet but this year I'm going with convertible wool mittens with fingerless gloves underneath from lands end.

there's always some sort of coupon code so don't pay full price (site was just advertising 50% off).
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I got a set of the cheap acrylic "magic" gloves at Walgreen's that had a pair of gloves plus a pair of fingerless gloves that I typically layer on top. The gloves are thin enough that touchscreen works without special conduction thread but they keep my hands decently warm with the fingerless layer. I just realized that they must be at least four years old and they're a bit pilled but not raveling.
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For staying warm at home, I prefer fingerless gloves or armwarmers that have a thumbhole. I feel that touchscreen gloves are fine for brief phone use, but they feel pretty clunky if you need to type an email or something. Also there are lots of things at home that are just easier to do if you have your fingers exposed.

I haven't actually bought any gloves of this sort in a while, and acquired my most recent pair of fingerless gloves after a bout of annoyance at some thin regular gloves, so I don't have any recommendations.
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