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I’m going to be job hunting early next year and am in the extremely privileged position that it doesn’t matter how much money I make. I’m pretty sick of working hard to make white dudes and their corporations richer. Therefore, I want to do the most good with whatever I do.

I have a BA in English, years of experience in healthcare administration, am introverted but can fake being extroverted, and most of all want to give my time and energy to a worthy social justice cause. I do not want to do any more schooling and I do not want to be a teacher (tried it, am really bad at it.) I’ll be living in Boston. I do want actual employment, not just volunteer work. I care about every liberal issue in America and would be happy working to effect change through any of them. What should I be looking for? What organizations need people like me?
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Community health center administration? No shortage of those around Boston. Incredibly oriented to social justice.
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Every nonprofit in the world is almost always looking to hire writers who can translate their work into material for the press, donors, lay/technical audiences, social media, etc. If you like writing and editing, give your favorite orgs' recruitment websites a visit and see what positions are available. Actually, that's a good first step to take regardless.

I'm saying this moments after I've posted a job description for a writer for my department. For the third time this year.
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As a gut reaction, I would say find work related to climate change. I think it's the single most important issue facing us.
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You might consider working as a grant writer.
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Best answer: Homelessness is a huge issue in the Boston area, and there are many wonderful organizations that you might look for work with. Boston Healthcare for the Homeless is one, Rosie's Place, and Material Aid and Advocacy Program is a third (though they are tiny, just hiring a second employee right now.)
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You might do well to work in your local community colleges or regional universities: lots of roles and experience levels are often hired as open positions.

Good luck!
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Go work for state or local government. We need educated, dedicated individuals in positions working for the people.
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Disability access in healthcare.
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What kind of administration work did you do? It's most likely the case that whatever you did for healthcare companies needs to be done for social justice organizations too. If you're looking for a change, that's one thing, but you will probably have the best success finding something (and be able to make the most impact) by leaning on your previous experience.
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Seconding Medusa, re climate change.

In Boston in particular, there is so much clean and green tech.

Caveat: it may be that climate work also makes white dudes richer. That work comes out of energy, finance, and environmental which are white dude industries.

Look over ClimateCareers (climateBase), MyClimeJouney Podcast or memail. (Open offer to anyone!)
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Get training in community conferencing, mediation and/or restorative justice and use those skills to bring people together and create effective dialogue among people who would otherwise be in bubbles or siloed. This is a VERY transferable skill.
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