i need the easiest-drinking booze
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yes you read that right. I want to drink more alcohol. deets inside. let's do this.

The situation is this: I have a tendency to get very wound up when dealing with certain anxiety-provoking projects. An amount of alcohol equivalent to about a single glass of wine is VERY helpful for me to be able to do what I need to do happily and well; it also helps regulate my blood pressure. But booze tastes awful to me, and/or is full of carbs.

I used to be a more or less enthusiastic wine drinker, but as I've gotten older, the acidity gives me heartburn, and I increasingly find the flavor of affordable wines quite unpleasant. (I'm not interested in buying fancy wine only to have a glass and let the rest spoil, which is what always happens.) White wines make me think of cats' piss; and cheap red wines, even the easy-drinking ones, are too acid. Semi-dry wines are a little better flavor wise, but I am really trying to keep my sugar intake down, so would rather avoid.

Good white ales are my favorite flavor wise - neither acidic nor bitter - I can usually finish most of a small bottle - but the carbs are a problem. I might as well eat a bagel. (God I love bagels. But this pandemic weight has gotta go.)

Real cocktails, both sweet and straight, are much too harsh.

Liquor diluted with lots of water or soda -- like a shot of vanilla vodka mixed into diet root beer, don't judge me -- is where I've had the most success getting it down, so looking for more suggestions in that vein. The less bitter or acid the better. Hit me with your tried and true "goes down easy" suggestions.
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Rum and coke is a classic.
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(Diet) ginger ale, with or without lime, is a great mixer for a lot of alcohols! Cocktail People tend to prefer ginger beer (the real Jamaican not super sweet type, usually) but I like the little cocktail sized bottles of Schweppes or whatever better ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Shot of alcohol in a slurpee or frozen Coke. Coldness also masks the alcohol more. I find white rum less harsh than vodka but YMMV. Personally ouzo and coke is a fav but only if you like aniseed flavors.
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It sounds like you want hard flavored seltzer water, like White Claw. It's quite low in calories and carbs, and goes down very easy.
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A bourbon highball would work, I think: a little whiskey, club soda, and (optional, but lovely for flavor) a shot of bitters. Ginger ale instead of club soda works too. Try making it weaker than the recipes you'll find online, until you find a ratio that tastes right.
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Lemon flavoured sodas mixed with white spirits tend to disguise alcohol pretty easily - which is why it’s so easy to get drunk on them without realising it. I’d go with vodka as my alcohol of choice. Add ice and chances are you won’t be able to pick the booze in it.
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Just to be clear, have you tried some of the really simple stuff like a vodka or tequila soda with a splash of lime juice?
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yeah I can't get anywhere near tequila, and adding lime does not help the heartburn situation. Unfortunately, as I love lime.
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If there are fancy wines that you still enjoy, see if they come in half-bottles! I'm a lightweight and my partner prefers beer, so we also have to work to finish a whole bottle before it goes bad. A half bottle is perfect for having a glass or two over one or two nights.

Box wines that have a bag with a spout also last much much longer before going bad. I don't think the selection (while improving) has reached 'fancy' just yet, but if there's one that works for you, it'd also be a good option.
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Rosé might be a good option. They won’t really go bad if you open a bottle a keep the rest in the fridge.
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I find pineapple juice to be a very good masking agent. (I think booze tastes bad, and mixing coke and booze just gets me bad tasting coke.)
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I was thinking along the same lines as Jubey - vodka and diet sprite or similar seems like it would work. I’d also try Pimms if you like herbal things. It goes great with ginger ale or any lemon lime soda
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Also what about wine spritzer type drinks? Red wine/cola is probably still too acidic, but maybe with some other soda or plain seltzer?
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Soju maybe? I find it way less harsh than any other alcohol
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In the last two years I have graduated from "I don't drink" to averaging one drink a month.

It is either bourbon (not for you),
an old fashioned (not for you),
or disaronno and coke (I think this would work great).

Amaretto is so sweet, it's delicious, and put into coke it's EXTREMELY drinkable. And the ABV is enough you don't need to have much of it to get the same effect as something with wine.
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Spiced rum (like Captain Morgan's) plus ginger ale tastes just like cream soda. Upsettingly drinkable.
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I you dig beer but don't want as many carbs try out a Somek which is a light beer with a shot of soju. Very neutral flavor and enough booze to have a good time.

Also, hard seltzer it's a thing for a reason, and there are plenty of craft breweries that are making seltzers that are actually interesting, not just alcopops.
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Vodka has the least assertive flavor. Add to your prefered flavor of LaCroix. Lime LaCroix, vodka and a splash of cranberry juice would taste pleasant, not too fake, few calories, tiny bit of acid. You could use any fruit juice and/or any no-calorie drink. Alcohol has carbs in direct proportion
to amount of alcohol (proof or ABV) present.
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Vanilla vodka with diet orange soda. It's a Dreamsicle! Also plain vodka with diet ginger ale.
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Those alcoholic diet seltzers? I call them the official drink of solo-tining because they go down like nothing so you have a couple and fall asleep in a zoom.
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If you have Aldi, they have several 1L bottled flavored drinks - more sweet than flavored water or seltzer - like this cranberry flavor, which I like as a diet cocktail either as-is or cut with a bit of seltzer to make it less sweet, with the liquor of your choice (I usually use vodka). I am sure other grocery stores have similar.

Also, in normal years around the holidays, Sprite makes a cranberry flavor in regular and diet. All the soda companies are paring down this year so I don't know if it'll come out this year, but it makes a nice pseudo-cocktail.

We are big hard seltzer drinkers, but they are pretty unsweet and it sounds like you want more masking flavor than that. But honestly they're dangerous as hell because they do NOT taste like alcohol (but avoid any brand's black cherry flavor, it's cough syrup flavor), they just taste like La Croix etc. They're usually 5% ABV. They generally do not have any juice in them, it's straight artificial flavor, so you can enjoy a lemon, lime, or grapefruit flavor with no more acid than berry or mango or whatever.
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Vodka and Diet 7Up with a splash of grenadine is delightful. I also recommend trying vodka in lemon-lime Gatorade. Another go-to of mine for a while this spring/summer: a can of San Pellegrino Melograno e Arancia and a shot of St. Germain elderflower liqueur. This is also great with a can of San Pellegrino Ficodindia e Arancia.
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A coffee or chocolate liqueur mixed into skimmed milk, gives a milk shake/dude abides vibe to any solo drinking.
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Vermouth. The sweet red kind. With ice. The cheap stuff is just fine, but you can also try splurging for something a bit less sweet.
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Ohhhh, even better along those lines: banana milk. Add a shot of creme de banana liqueur, with a little Kahlua, and fill the glass with milk. All of these are better with ice, by the way. It helps mellow the drink and take off the alcoholic edge of the liquor as it melts. This was my other go-to this spring for a while, heh.
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Ginger ale (diet if you prefer) with either amaretto or spiced rum.
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Personally I can't stand artificial sweeteners, so when I am not drinking a beer or whiskey neat, I will do:

Liquor plus a flavored seltzer, like bourbon and a tangerine LaCroix, esp with a dash or two of bitters.
Water down a pomegranate or cranberry juice with plain seltzer plus vodka or rum - those two juices in particular can be REALLY flavorful so it can be like a 70/30 seltzer/juice ratio and still taste really nice.
Spindrift seltzers have fruit juice not just flavors in them so they are a touch sweeter without being as sweet as a full sugar soda, also good with your vodka/rum/gin of choice.
Whole Foods sells house brand "italian sodas" that don't seem as sweet as like a Coke (though you'd have to check the label on sugar/carbs) that are super good with gin.

Adding a slice of lime or lemon or a cherry helps with all of the above! Cheers!
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A shot of white tequila dropped in an icy glass of club soda. Lime optional.
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I am a nearly non-drinker who likes to have a glass of SOMETHING sometimes to take the edge off. My faves are

- flavored clear liquors - either marshmallow vodka in some cocoa, or coconut rum in a diet coke
- the sweet ones - Bailey's in coffee, or kaluah and milk (probably not what you are looking for but the volume is much lower than beer or wine so maybe....)
- coming up seasonally: Egg nog with a splash of high alcohol rum
- my best advice is WHISKEY GINGER, whiskey and ginger ale (or diet) just freaking delicious

Also nodding along to liquor plus seltzer. Like cranberry seltzer, vodka and some lime juice (might be too acidy). Or there are some really nice lime seltzers that go well with gin.
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Aside from lemon sofa based drinks, I would look at alcoholic beverages typically marketed towards young women. You’ll find most of them are sweet, fruity alcopops (if you’re British) and kind of like ‘Junior’s first drink’ because they’re not used to alcohol and don’t like the taste yet so you can’t pick it as much.
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I see that there have already been several suggestions for hard seltzer. I'm here to suggest a specific brand that I've found more interesting than some of the others. If you like Kombucha willie's superbrew is for you.
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Have you tried ciders? A lot of great dry ciders are out there, with non-overpowering flavors.

I like Atlas and Gowan's when I see them, but the base quality is pretty high in my opinion.
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I get a big glass of ice, a squirt of agave syrup, a few drops of lime or lemon, a glug or two of good rye whiskey, and fill the glass with seltzer. Bonus points for cherry juice or candied cherries.

I rely on my big old iSi seltzer siphon, but it's about the same cost to buy unflavored seltzer at the store.
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Scotch and soda - some Cutty Sark or The Famous Grouse, some big pieces of ice, and some filtered carbonated water. Not all scotch is peated! Japanese whisky is a good substitute as well. And you can add a fancy brandies cherry or two if you want!
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A slightly off-the-wall suggestion, but one that I've noticed some non-drinkers paradoxically enjoy: a shot of vodka, and then add brine from a jar of pickles.
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If you have a brand of black cherry flavored seltzer where you live (Polar is the best), have that on ice with a shot of bourbon. A bit sweet but not overly sugary, and not too strong.

This one is more obscure but if you can get Fernet Vallet, which is made in Mexico, that tastes amazing with plain seltzer. Kind of like a not-sweet cola.
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White Russian - Coffee liqueur, milk, vodka.
Mellonball - Orange juice, melon liqueur, vodka. (maybe too sweet/acidic)
Long Island Iced Tea - Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe. Somehow all that booze tastes like iced tea, it's a mystery.

Jello shots! BTW, if you keep your vodka in the freezer... you might just be able to take a shot w/o problems. The taste/burn goes way down when it's really cold.

Vodka and Cranberry or Grapefruit juice if that's your thing.
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I'm a recent convert to hard seltzers and have found some nice locally produced ones. It's just like drinking a slightly flavoured mineral water.

And riffing off zengargoyle's comment, a flavoured vodka taken as a shot straight from the freezer is excellent.
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Also vodka-wise, shop around. Tito's or (OMG IIRC it's called) Thor's Hammer, or Russian Standard tend to go down much easier. I used to be a *heavy* vodka drinker and there are vodkas that basically go down like water vs some others that are a bit ACKKK.
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Port seems made for you.
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Seconding port. A bottle of reasonably old ruby port is a classic after dinner tipple for reason - sweet without being cloying, a small amount goes a long way, and it's complex enough to be interesting.

And for another outside the box idea - vermouth. Vermouth is just another kind of spiced, fortified wine (like port), and there are some truly extrordinary ones out there. I like to drink an ounce or so mixed with selzter and a big ol' ice cube. I got the idea from this article a few years back.
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I know this seems like the most old lady shit ever, but: amaretto in milk. Warm or cold, whichever you like. Goes down easy, very soothing, quite sweet. I also find Baileys on the rocks goes down quite easily, and you can dilute with some extra milk if necessary. As we're heading into winter, don't count hot toddies out either. I generally only have them for medicinal purposes to ease a cough or scratchy throat, but they're nice on cold nights.

I'll also nth ginger ale as a mixer. Whiskey + an entire can of ginger ale is my go-to.
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Soju and some sakes are what do it for me. I only drink soju with lots of food (best is with tofu stew or bulgogi lettuce wraps) and I like warm sake with chilled fruit (persimmons or melon are the best for this.) No bitterness and acidity only kicks in with different type or odd flavorings.
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Mead (made from honey and water and yeast) usually ferments completely, so no sugar, and the good stuff is smooth. You can get it still or carbonated.

I make my own but a decent liquor store can offer you something.
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My go-to drink when I was younger and wanted something to sip on but didn’t want the full impact of A Cocktail or A Beer or whatever was an amaretto and soda. Tastes very good but is also light - you could titrate the amaretto to your preference, booze wise.
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One more vote for red vermouth, with ice, a slice of orange, and a splash of club soda. We drank a lot of vermouth when we were in Barcelona just before the pandemic hit, and it's a light, refreshing, and very drinkable beverage.

Jameson's and ginger ale on the rocks with a twist of lime is another light and easy one.
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I was going to recommend Kamikaze Cocktail with a few drops of Angostura bitters, but if the citrisu is an issue, how about White Russian? Kahlua might cross the sugar line, perhaps. Barring those, the malt soda variations (Zima's back with a vengeance!) like the aforementioned White Claw and friends.
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Soju in fruit juice is dangerous. It's the only time I've ever gotten drunk. Soju on its own tastes like (what I imagine what) rubbing alcohol tastes like. ETA: Watermelon and fruit punch were the ones that did it to me. Definitely eat something with it.
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Also there's no shame in drinking beer over ice, so if you get a 4% like All Day IPA or Slightly Mighty the ice will kill some of the bitterness and you won't get too drunk.
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Perhaps dark/black rum with tonic water over ice?

Port has been mentioned, but not oloroso (less sweet) or cream sherry? Might be worth investigating.
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Hard kombuchas are perfect for this exact reason.
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If I could drink again, it would be dark & stormies all the time: dark rum and ginger.
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Dolin brand vermouth is fantastic, if you haven’t had it before.

You could also do a gentle gin like Hendrick’s with some fresh cucumber and maybe mint, possibly lengthened with seltzer.
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When I was young, when occasion called for buying someone a drink who doesn't like the taste of alcohol/ etc., my go-to was to order a tall highball:

Crushed ice
1 shot vodka
1/2 - 1 shot Bols (there are a few flavours, melon is inoffensive and actually tastes pretty nice - have not tried other artificially coloured "liqueurs")
Fill with soda

Bonus points - it's a nice light green colour. Nowadays I call bullshit on the "occasion calls for buying someone an alcoholic drink." Quadruple-y so if they don't want one in the first place.

For warm alcoholic drinks, I like hot chocolate/ coffee (decaff optional) with three shots (to make about a "drink equivalent") of baileys or kahlua. For mixing (especially with a strong coffee), Carolans is less costy than baileys and does the job just fine.

There are also the Toddy's; whiskey, hot water, honey/maple syrup. I really like the taste of Bushmills (Irish) and 'Black Bush' especially lends itself well to this.

Decent coloured rum is pretty smooth (but sweeter than I like) for making mixed drinks.

"Hot buttered rum"; teaspoon-tablespoon of butter (I recently discovered pasture/ grass fed butter and it's an entirely different world), dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, vanilla extract, sprinkle of brown sugar. 1 or 2 shots of rum, fill mug with hot water.

"Blueberry tea" is definitely a thing. Your favourite tea (cannonically, orange pekoe is used, but any tea that you enjoy should be fine - but infused teas like Earl Greys generally work well; there is a green oolong called "Milk Tea" out of Taiwan, developed within the last decade, where the tea plant produces lactone-like phytochemicals - it's a green tea that smells and tastes like there's some nice cow-milk cream added to it - that absolutely KILLS as the base of blueberry tea), Amaretto, Grand Marnier. Off-brand almond and orange liqueurs are usually just fine.

The named brands are kind of for a reason; higher quality booze tends to be... higher quality ("smoother," etc.).

There are a lot of different whisk(e)ys out there with a huge constellation of flavour profiles; watered down whiskey is a thing, too. Choose one for the flavour, dilute it down 1:8 (1 part to 7) with a fizzy/ flat mineral water. Drink "because you like the taste." Scotch producers have been trying to target the middle-market and are producing lower priced younger whiskeys that are aged in non-standard barrels. They're younger, but they're flavourful (and a much wider range of flavours), if not rating highly on flavours/ textures of traditional fine aged whiskeys.

I feel shame for sharing this but; in a 500mL stein, 1 berry-flavoured evanescent Hydralyte (rehydration/ electrolyte; there are other flavours/ unflavoured, but I like the berry flavour) tablet, 2 shots of vodka, fill with sparkling mineral water (real sparkling mineral waters usually have a pH between 5-6, which can help to buffer stomach acid). Effective as a hangover remedy w/ bonus hair-of-the-dog.

Repeat as necessary.
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Mulled wine. Heat a cup of box red wine in a saucepan with cinnamon sticks and mulling spices for 4-5 minutes and sip slowly. Low in carbs, and both the wine and the warmth will chill you out.
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Tuaca is an Italian brandy flavored with citrus and vanilla. It is slightly sweet and delicious over ice.
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If you want to avoid sugar Fever Tree makes a light Tonic which has fewer calories than regular tonic and great flavor. Mixed with an old tom gin, since they tend to be slightly sweeter could give you a good g&t, make your own proportion based on how boozy you want it. Hold the lime.
For wine, try the vaccum seal pumps, they're effective and really slow down the degeneration of wine, good bottles easily last over a week or two in the fridge. I use an inexpensive one called Vacuvin. Even better if you buy half bottles.
Have you considered sake? Mild flavor, lower abv than whiskey etc...
Amaros mixed with plain seltzer with an orange or lime twist are also refreshing. Campari, Salers, Gran claasico are on the bitter end, something like Suze or Cappeletti are sweeter but less so than Aperol.
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When I did drink, I developed a taste for sake. I found it very light and pleasant to sip, like I imagine how others enjoy wine. It can also be served hot or chilled.
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I see two requirements in your question. 1) non acidic 2) little to no sugar.

Alcohol itself is not acidic. It is slightly less acidic than water. Pure alcohol (think vodka, which is basically ethanol and water) also doesn’t have sugar by itself.
All you need is a non acidic mixture for the alcohol.
Green tea fits the bill. How about green tea and Shochu, as mentioned above.
Or vodka tonic? No sugar, no acid.
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Fancy wines, kept from oxidising over a few days of use with a vacuum pump. The original device is vacu-vin and many unbranded copies exist, but it keeps wine from spoiling over as many days as you need.
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Do you like hot cocoa? Add booze! Bailey's or Kahlua are both popular choices, and if you're into mint, then peppermint schnapps.
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Adding full cream to some drinks — I’m thinking of the orange creamsicle but there are definitely others — can be really nice.

(Also, there are some VERY carby suggestions here — if that’s a priority, be sure to check numbers on every ingredient.)
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I keep a bottle of Sho Chiku Bai sake in the fridge to use in Japanese recipes that call for sake. Sometimes I'll want just a little bit to drink while cooking. It's very smooth and still tastes okay even after sitting in the fridge for weeks.
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Also, any of these with a good amount of ice: Baileys, Disaronno, amaretto

For these, store the bottles at room temperature, and don't start drinking it until after some of the ice has melted into it. That takes the alcohol bite out of it.
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Now that winter's coming, may I present my Winter Drink:
Tea, caffeinated or not, with some kind of spicy flavor. Celestial Seasonings' gingerbread spice is the best, but any chai-type flavor works.
Heavy cream to taste (or whatever dairy you want)
Spiced rum. I use Barbarossa (1 carb per ounce).

Brew the tea, add cream, add hooch, enjoy the warmth.
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How about a brandy alexander? Brandy, cream de cacao (or Kaluha) and cream/milk. Yum.
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Sweet tea vodka, soda or water, fresh mint if you have it.
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Just thinking outside the box here - have you tried CBD drops or gummies? Or if legal in your state/employer, try some edibles? Start with a very low dose and increase each day until desired affect is achieved.
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If you like frozen drinks, look for a "Slush Mug"...they're currently sold out on amazon (I got mine there for $10) and while they have a lot of similar options, I'd go with the original. I had one as a kid and saw that they still make them. It's like a fluid-filled insulated mug that you keep in the freezer and it turns any drink into a slushie/slurpee in about 10-15 mins. Keep it in the freezer and keep scraping down the sides with a spoon for fastest results. It works with alcoholic beverages, soda, and juice, but not diet sodas. My personal favorites are Rockstar/Red Bull, fruit sodas (omg pelligrino clementine yum), and ginger ale. Frozen screwdrivers are awesome and it definitely cuts down on the alcohol taste.
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