Looking for cozy, LONG women's hoodies
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Pretty much as it says on the tin - need some winter clothes, and I need some recommendations for unicorn women's sweatshirts. My main criteria is that they need to be reasonably long.

I'm not particularly tall (5'4" ish, around 130 lbs) but sweatshirts (and lots of shirts in general) fit nicely in size M except for the length. I guess I have a long torso? I'm tired of shirts riding up! Preferably it would be long enough to sit around my hips.

Soft and cozy also a must. Thickness level is negotiable, I don't mind layering. Zip up and normal hoodies both desired! Shipping to Canada also appreciated!

Thank you MetaFilter!
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There are hoodie dresses out there, no specific recommendations but searching on amazon or google will find you a selection of them.
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If you are ok with a nonstandard hoodie, the world of athleisure contains two main types: 1. cropped hoodies (the opposite of what you want obviously) and 2. the other kind. I don't know what the cut is called, but it's the other kind of athleisure hoodie cut. The waist isn't fitted, and it flares out a bit. They are cut long and intended to hit about mid-ass height. I have one of these that I got at Costco a while ago (same one as this) and it elevates leggings from a walking the dog pants option to a going to the grocery store pants option for me because of the moderate butt coverage.

You have also multiple times specified women's hoodies, but the same chest width hoodie will always be longer in the men's cut than the women's cut. Sleeves will be longer as well.
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Check the men’s section. I’m also 5’4” with a long torso and a women’s medium and all my men’s (small) shirts go over my hips.
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I have the same problem! I will be watching this thread for ideas. Here are some hoodies that have worked for me.

Opus Fresh - merino wool. Cut long and lean rather than short and boxy. The drawback is that they don’t have many women’s hoodies in different colors, so your choices are limited. I’d own more of these if they came out with more colors.

Prairie Underground - Has a variety of long hoodies. I have my eye on this one. They’re all cotton, so they might not fit the soft and cozy requirement in quite the right way.

Title Nine has a nice selection of tunics, many of which are hooded. They carry a variety of brands, so you might be able to look up specific hoodies on the brand’s website for easier shipping to Canada.
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Unisex hoodie from KOTN, a Canadian brand.
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I've had good luck googling for "tunic" hoodies.
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I have this in another colour and it's a great length (and I want THIS colour)

they also have this black one.

a tunnel neck hoodie though, while very cool looking, is VERY hard to get off at night! haha
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You can customize the length on many of the hoodies & hoodie dresses from Eshakti.

They ship to Canada. Just make sure you've selected Canada in the country dropdown in the top-right corner of the page before you try to check out.
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You might find what you’re looking for by looking at maternity hoodies? A lot of maternity tops are similar to regular tops, just longer and with some ruching on the sides.
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Check out Gap's vintage soft classic hoodie- it's longer than usual. Also, if you haven't ever tried tall sizes, that might work in some styles.
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This is more than anyone should spend on a sweatshirt (I got mine as a corporate gift), but Lululemon's Scuba hoodie is the shit. I also have a long torso and it fits really nicely. It's super comfy, stretchy in all the right places...I have never owned any other Lulu gear but it's really great.
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If you want an ACTUALLY long one, like mid-thigh, I have this and it's super cozy:
TheMogan Women's Hoodie Oversized
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I've had luck adding "tunic" to my searches in the last couple of seasons. They're longer and tend to reach just below the crotch.
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The longest hoodie I have is actually a maternity one, oddly enough. Doesn't have a super weird bump or anything, it's just loooong. So that might be a non-traditional thing to look into!
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I got one last year at TJ Maxx so it's kinda random (not sure of the brand) but it is looong and perfect for wearing over leggings bc it extends to mid-thigh. Also perfect bc the zipper zips in both directions - it's great when driving or seated and you can zip from the bottom up to have more comfort and not bunchy fabric around your legs. To me this is the UR example of the long hoodie you are describing, and I too want more! I'll see if I can find the brand etc. for mine.
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Another vote for TheMogan tunic hoodies. They're cheap and I will not admit how many I have, but it's a lot. (Just mind, they came out this year with a model that is completely made of thick stretch material... It's not bad, but doesn't give the same "cozy" feelings wearing cotton).

Edit: this is the model I have way too many of.
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Thanks everyone! Going to investigate all these suggestions, although I think "tunic" is really the key word I'm looking for here.

Also, I specified "women's" because I find men's hoodies which otherwise fit to be too baggy in the body/arms. I'm not looking for form-fitting but slightly less bulk is my aim.
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go ahead and buy tall size tops....I have a long waist and did this at my proper weight.
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So it's known for being a skate store, but Zumiez always has a large selection of hoodies and they give a shoulder to hem measurement in the description. Cropped things are a trend right now, but I find for "regular" skate hoodies for women they tend to be less boxy than mens and longer than like yoga-targeted hoodies.
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