Online acting classes for teen
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My 13yo wants to take acting classes, and is open to taking them online. He is a complete beginner. Any recommendations?

He is interested ultimately in exploring modeling, and thinks it would be fun to be an extra in a movie or be in a TV commercial or something. So he's not looking for stagecraft so much as modeling and acting for the screen. Anything is fine, from paid classes to a youtuber with great tips and tricks. There's a lot out there, so googling isn't much help. Any recommendations welcome.
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This guy is a wonderful, kind and empathetic on camera acting coach. I don't know if he often works with could book a private session just to test the waters and see if he has any recommendations for next steps.
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I cannot recommend Acting Studio Chicago enough - they are solid and professional. He may want to check out what they are offering online during the pandemic.
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Oh, and this is Canadian, but I just stumbled across this Stage Parent Survival Guide.
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