Hours to walk to Japan from SF?
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Google will not let me calculate the amount of hours required to walk to Japan from San Francisco (and swimming was not listed as an option, not that I plan to swim). For the purposes of a unique MF meet up, how might I figure out the number of hours it would require to travel from SF to Tokyo if one were able to walk on water?
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Best answer: If you're able to keep up a steady pace over the Pacific, it's 5,124 miles, so at 3 mph that's 10 weeks, 1 day and 4 hours, or 1708 hours in total.
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If one could walk on water, how taxing would it be to walk across an always rolling, sometimes roiling, ocean? An analog might be a trek across the Mojave desert, with the rises and falls and rocks and crevices, except the broken land also moves beneath you.
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Between 15 and 30 miles per day is the ancient metric for moving troops about. Inns or towns were spaced about this far apart on roads as a manageable distance to make it in a day and have somewhere to eat/sleep/etc.
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Best answer: Your guests may appreciate a route map.

(The route looks curved, but it goes straight to Tokyo. It looks curved because the map is Mercator.)
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You can also see it in 3D.
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Best answer: Google maps will let you measure the distance from A to B. Right click on SF, the drop down should give you measure distance, click on that, a dot should appear on SF, then click on Tokyo and a line will appear between the two, with a box showing distance. Divide the mile figure by 3 pm figure by 5 to get hours to walk between the two.
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