What tool enables click & dragging a visual chart, saving the results?
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I want to show a 'blank' chart (eg a bar chart, or even better - a composite radar chart) for a prescribed set of topics. Each topic's score starts at 0, but by mouse click (or finger tapping) the score can be increased from 0 up to, say, 5. As the user scores each one, we see a more complete chart. At the end, the data (score for each topic) gets retained. Does such a tool exist? (online, app, or via a feature in a bigger product)

I know the opposite sequence is common. Step 1: input the score against each topic in a survey site or spreadsheet. Step 2: create the chart. But having the visual FIRST, and making that visual chart be the conduit for providing the scores is what I'm looking for.
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How programming-savvy are you? I’m reasonably sure you could make something like this using D3, but it would require writing some code.
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1) Just use this example.

2) Someone savvy could mash the above with a database and make a quick, unstyled version of this in an hour with a website. DM me if you want more info.

3) Just use Google Sheets, and start with a chart, but create clickable buttons that change the values in that chart -- so that as you click on the buttons, the chart changes.
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Best answer: It's about a hundred lines of html/js/css code to do what you describe using Chart JS. Here's a JSFiddle of those 100 or so lines. The min/max variables control the ends of the scale (0-100 currently). There's a button for incrementing and decrementing each value, plus one to set them all to either the min or max. You can change the value labels and it should pad out the data with the min val (e.g., changing the labels to add August will set up August starting at 0). You can just cut and paste all the stuff from the 'HTML' pane into a file called chart.html (or w/e) on your own hard drive to play around with it locally.
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PollEverywhere.com will do it in real time, but it's using input from multiple users. So, if you were trying to poll a room on what dessert to have. each could choose their fave and even change their fave. I mention this only for completeness. My limited interaction with PollEverywhere has been less than stellar. I could see how someone else would see utility in it, though.
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