Websites & blogs focusing on television/sitcom scholarship or analysis?
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I'm on the hunt for sites to pitch/obtain backlinks from that have to do with analyzing television comedy shows or sitcoms from a scholarly perspective, or at least post essays/blog posts about it. Ideas?

My personal website has to do with analyzing a famous sitcom from a "scholarly" perspective -- basically, discussing how it's relevant to cultural issues, linking to dissertations on the show, etc. -- and I'd love to find out what websites I should be looking at and swapping links with that look at other television shows from this perspective. The trouble is, it's hard to google "television scholarship" or "academia" or "analysis" without coming up empty.

Would love any and all suggestions for websites or blogs -- big and small! -- that have to do with sitcoms, television, analysis, scholarship, academic perspectives, cultural influences, zeitgeist, etc.

A good example, if needed, is InMediaRes -- but I'll take any site that's somewhat relevant to what I'm looking for.

(If it helps, the TV show I deal with in particular is The Golden Girls)

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British writer Huw Lemmy recently started Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs, a newsletter with each essay about a single episode of Frasier, in order.
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You might already know about TV Tropes, but just in case!
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Television studies is definitely a respectable academic field! Nick Salvato's work is fantastic, and will probably be of interest, and I could point you toward a few other specific names (feel free to memail me if this would be helpful), but my best advice is to use google scholar, rather than the google home page. It looks like searching for "Golden Girls" brings up tons of results, and while some of them are probably just using the phrase, using the "related articles" feature when you find articles that are of interest could help you assemble a bibliography of relevant books and articles.
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Self-link incoming: I used to write a blog where I would do lengthy analysis of little-loved TV shows from times gone by, including many sitcoms.
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