Amazon Alexa is saying odd numbers/letters instead of "bing"
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I have an Amazon Alexa in my home office connected to my computer. Works well except for one very odd thing. When my computer makes an 'alert' sound — Alexa does not say 'bing'— instead she says a random string of letters and numbers.

I think the string is something like: “COS 6NVLB353” – it’s hard to catch! I have Googled the heck out of this. Alexa does say odd things, but could find nothing about its rendition of an alert. Has anyone else run into this issue…is there a solution?
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Try resetting your Bluetooth on your phone, if it's hooked up to it (turn it on, turn it off again). This happened with mine and simply un-connected and re-connected the Bluetooth on my phone.
posted by Tardis_Spin at 2:49 PM on October 15

I'm wondering whether you're hearing the messageID.
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