Help with Making Microsoft Teams Videoconferencing More Interesting
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I've done some cursory Googling, but cannot find what I'm looking for and now turn to you for assistance.

For Reasons, I'd like to be able to do one or both of these things when video calling in Teams:

- Display a graphic in a live video that is NOT a background, then have it disappear after a certain period of time. (Think something like a ~fancy PowerPoint transition.)
- Display a graphic of a picture frame in live video, potentially as a background, that only shows the frame and will otherwise display whatever is in the background of the person. Transparent images do not work for this - I already checked.

I'm leaning toward these things not being possible, but if y'all could confirm one way or another it would be extremely helpful. Also, no, I can't use another platform, it has to be Teams.

This is a very important work-related question, I promise. Halloween bragging rights are on the line.
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among other things, I have a responsibility for Teams in my organisation, and have weekly meetings with MS on implementation and user adoption - what you are describing cannot be done natively in Teams. What you could do, is to have a screen beside you pointed at the camera displaying whatever you need.
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The first you could do manually with mmhmm, which is in beta. I don't think at this point that it's a feature to make the graphic disappear after a certain amount of time, but you could suggest it.
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Best answer: Take a look at OBS, for use as a virtual webcam.

Using OBS with Microsoft Teams (Using OBS in a Microsoft Teams Meeting)
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It's not a direct answer, but it may give you some ways to think about approaching this. Jumpto365 has a YouTube video that shows how to control how images and video get displayed by sharing your screen that has a live video preview on it so you can position it next to or on top of graphics.
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Response by poster: Thank you all! I think I'm going to run with OBS on this particular project, but all of the answers were greatly appreciated.
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