How to caption a Crowdcast video
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You got your Crowdcast event closed captioned after the fact. How did you do this? Difficulty level: do not know what I am doing.

I am suddenly in charge of several Crowdcast events, as the person at my work who was supposed to be in charge has quit. I also have a deaf spouse so I'm an accessibility nudnik. I am very determined to get these videos captioned and VERY at sea about how to do it.

I can get as far as this page, but as far as I can tell these are options that put the burden on the person who needs captions. I would like to release a captioned version of the video after the event, if there's no option for us to offer a live-captioned version (which I think there is not). I was told by someone who does regular Crowdcast events that he simply downloads the video, uploads it to YouTube, uses the YT auto-captions for a baseline, then downloads it and edits the captions. Of these steps, I feel confident that I can figure out "downloads the video" and maybe "uploads it to YouTube." Video just isn't my area!

This is a fundraiser for a small nonprofit, but I could probably strongarm them into paying a minor amount of money for a third-party service. I am willing to put quite a lot of time and effort into it, but I don't know what I'm doing. Can you help by either recommending a cheap-but-not-worker-exploitative service or telling me exactly what to do?
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I am by no means an expert so big grain of salt, but I create and edit captions in YouTube videos for my work sometimes. You do it in YouTube Studio, which you access by clicking your account icon at top right and clicking "Studio" in the drop down. At the top you'll see "Create" and select "Upload Videos" and upload the video. Then click "Subtitles" in the menu down the left side. You should see the video at the top of the list. Click the down arrow next to the number in the "Languages" column and you should see "Add" in the subtitles column. Click it and the Subtitles working window will open. You can play around with the options in there to see what works best for you. I usually start with the YT auto captions and then go through and clean up manually. Again, I'm very much a novice so I've probably not elucidated all the necessary details but maybe this will help you get started.
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