This is not my first Christmas askme question
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I am a huge Christmas person and I start listening to Christmas music basically non-stop in November. To prepare for the advent of me pressing play on the most wonderful time of the year, I would love recommendations of full Christmas albums to add to my collection.

I maintain a huge playlist of Christmas singles in a wide range of genres. I've found a lot of that music from the blogs Christmas Underground and Christmas a Go-Go over the years, but it also includes a lot of the classics. But most of the tracks are one-offs or are the only good song on a so-so album. I'm hoping to weave in some full albums and would love some recommendations!

Here are the ones I already have on rotation:
- Vince Guaraldi trio's Charlie Brown Christmas album
- Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, "It's a Holiday Soul Party"
- Pink Martini, "Joy to the World"
- Aimee Mann, "One More Drifter in the Snow"
- Jonathan Coulton and John Roderick's "One Christmas at a Time"
- Diana Krall's "Christmas Songs"
- and ALL Sufjan Stevens Christmas albums

So as you can see I love the melancholy and the quirky, but I'd like to branch out. I really like all genres but I'm not such a huge fan of the kind of mid-century jingle bell pop you often get at Christmas, your Andy Williamses, your Andrews Sisterses. Just interesting, fun, Christmas music where most of the songs on the album are good.

OH and I'm a secular Christmas celebrant, very open to listening to music about other winter holidays, solstice, Hannukah, general it's-cold-outside music, it's all good.

Thank you all! I did see this question from last year but I think that is focusing on instrumentals.
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Best answer: Singer-songwriter Chris Trapper has an album of original Christmas songs.
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(messed up my link to tennessee christmas, sorry, here's the correct link)
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Best answer: Cee Lo Green's Magic Moment is THE BEST.

Interesting, fun, all songs are good.
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Best answer: This is Christmas - album by James Morrison

I see he has another "Christmas collection" that I'm not familiar with.

James is an Australian jazz trumpet player.
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Best answer: I am the same and start listening to Christmas music in October. For full albums I suggest:

Over the Rhine - The Darkest Night of the Year, Snow Angels, Blood Angels in the Snow. All three of these albums are great!

Low - Christmas

Pete Seeger - Traditional Christmas Carols

Mark Kozelek - Sings Christmas Carols

Blue Rodeo - A Merrie Christmas to you

Count Your Blessings - a live compilation album with Jane Sibbery, Holly Cole, Rebecca Jenkins, Mary Margaret O'Hara, and Victoria Williams
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Booker T and the MGs - In the Christmas Spirit
Classics like you have never heard them before. I first heard this as a backing track on the BBC Adam and Joe show many years ago.
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We Three Kings by the Roches is an annual favorite of mine
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One of my favorite bands, Murder By Death, is releasing a Christmas album and I'm super excited about it. if the track list looks interesting you can pre-order the digital or vinyl right now, but it will be out on streaming services on December 1.
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I'm treating this like a leave-a-penny, take-a-penny bowl. From your list I'm going to take Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings because I need Christmas songs from them in my life this year.

In it's place I'll leave John Legend's A Legendary Christmas. He does cover a few of the midcentury classics but the whole album is a smooth and sophisticated delight.
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the Spider-verse gives us: "A Very Spidey Christmas"
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Best answer: With the caveat that I myself don't add these WHOLE albums to my holiday playlist, because that would overwhelm the balance, I COULD choose almost any couple of songs from them and be satisfied:

Sia - Everyday Is Christmas
Nick Lowe - Quality Street: A Seasonal Selection for All the Family
Indigo Girls - Holly Happy Days
Willy Nelson - Pretty Paper (more mid-century classic focused, but still melancholy and quirky)
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The Ohio City Singers.

(Disclaimer of sorts, I know & have worked with these folks.)
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My wife and I both love this collection that was put out by Starbucks back in 2008: "Winter Wonderland". It's probably our favorite Christmas album.
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Best answer: The Complete James Brown Christmas!
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Best answer: My old-school favorite is Jo Stafford's Ski Trails; winter songs, not Christmas, but same effect.

A friend put this on a compilation, Shout for Joy: An Unusual Collection of Traditional Carols, Lisa Neustadt & the Angel Band with Jean Redpath, and I really love it.

Willie Nelson, Pretty Paper.
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Best answer: George Winston, December. Solo piano, not 100% carols, and lovely.

Sting, If On A Winter's Night.... He primly notes that it is more of a "winter" album than a Christmas one, but there are several seasonal songs, some of them super-old medieval stuff, and it's a bit of an antidote to the forced-jollity happy candy-colored stuff. My father listened to a bit when I was listening to it and thought it sounded a little "morbid", but I greatly prefer the quieter and mellower stuff myself. "Melancholy and quirky" it definitely is.
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Best answer: JD McPherson - Socks
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Nicki Parrott has a lovely jazz Christmas album, Winter Wonderland. And if you don't know Nicki Parrott, here's your gateway drug.

Diana Panton has a great one, too. Soooo smoooooth.
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Best answer: Ana Gasteyer - Sugar and Booze
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The Bells of Dublin
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It is old, but please give Harry Belafonte's Christmas album a chance (Re-release 1 is the version I have). One sample song on youtube.
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For a Christmas album that might not be out of place near Halloween as well, check out Jill Tracy's "Silver Smoke, Star of Night". She's a dark cabaret artist with a tone between melancholy and grinningly macabre, and this is pretty much the only Christmas album I actively like.

(well when I'm not digging out A Brutal Christmas again, hehe)
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Porter Music Box Christmas - Old fashioned large disk music box recordings. Very nice as background music.
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Barenaked for the Holidays by Barenaked Ladies.
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The Fair Folk podcast has a lot of incredible wintery well as a lot of fascinating history on various traditions across Europe.
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I can't let this AskMe go by without a previously that made me happier than maybe any other post I have read here: Have Yourself a Jazzy Little Christmas

I have listened to that short album SO MANY TIMES since I learned about it here. *sigh* So good.
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Christmas by Michael Buble
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Bruce Cockburn, Christmas
(contains the only Huron Christmas carol I've ever heard...)

John Fahey: The New Possibility
solo American primitive guitar renditions. Instrumental only.
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Ooh, thought of another one: Stephen Colbert: A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All
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Best answer: I love Leslie Odom Jr.'s (of Hamilton fame) Christmas album, Simply Christmas. I love his voice, but I also love that it's not all happy sparkly pop - some of it feels slightly melancholy to me. I usually listen to it all winter, not just at Christmas.

I also enjoy Michael Buble's Christmas and Josh Groban's Noel but those might not be what you are looking for.
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Nat King Cole "The magic of Christmas" or remastered[?] as "Christmas with Nat King Cole"
Hearing him sing "O Holy Night" is just beautiful.
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We love the Ultra Lounge Christmas Cocktails Vol I, II, III - wide variety/ fun / 'cool'
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I'm a big fan of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas albums.

Christmas Eve and Other Stories
The Lost Christmas Eve
Christmas Attic
The Ghosts of Christmas Eve
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Best answer: If you like Vince Guaraldi, you might like A Dave Brubeck Christmas.
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Best answer: *stretching and cracking knuckles*

Okay, I have like thousands of hours of Christmas music on my Spotify playlists. Here’s some recent favorites in the good-melancholy-full-album category:

The Oh Hellos’ Christmas Family Album - The Oh Hellos

Snowfall EP - Ingrid Michaelson

Wishing You a Rave Christmas - The Raveonettes

The Dawn of Grace - Sixpence None the Richer

The Hotel Cafe Presents...Winter Songs - Various Artists
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Jingle bell jazz
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Came in to say Leslie Odom Jr.’s album. Sooooooo good.
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The Vandals - Oi to the World
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The Ventures Christmas Album and Christmas With Chet Atkins are two of my faves. Both are largely instrumental. The former seems to have been made tongue in cheek (Christmas songs morphed in to '60s rock standards) but it's fun.
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Best answer: I don't know if this is too mid-century for you, but a heavy rotation for me is A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector. For something a little different I also like to listen to the entirety of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker.
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Response by poster: I just want to come back into this thread to say there's so much good stuff here I'm probably going to start listening early this year. WHAT A TREAT! And some of you have given me one of my favourite feelings, which is when I get to say, "wait - I love that artist - THEY have a Christmas album?? I had no idea!"
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Relient K’s Let It Snow, Baby, Let It Reindeer is a huge favorite.

I would have sworn the Bird and the Bee did a holiday album but all I can find is a single for their spooky rendition of “Carole of the Bells.”
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I have long, long loved Harry Connick Jr's delightful album When My Heart Finds Christmas, which is a mixture of covers and his original songs, some of which are sad, some sweet and funny and all delightful.
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