Does your Fujitsu heat pump fan stay on?
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You have a Fujitsu heat pump. Does it have a setting in which the fan stays on while the heat (or cooling) cycles?

I've looked at some Fujitsu heat pump manuals online and I'm still not clear on this. There are multiple fan speeds, but does that just control the speed while the fan is on, or does it set the fan to a specific speed and keep it running?

I am interested in getting a heat pump, preferably from a specific local installer who has done good, prompt work for people I know. They sell/install Fujitsu pumps. But I don't want to ask them this question because they're motivated to say "yes, customer, of course this does what you want!" and then by the time I realise I didn't express myself properly and it doesn't work the way I thought, it's too late. I don't have access to an installed one to experiment.

My goal is to have a steady (not-very-loud) noise level and airflow while the heat or cooling cycles, but the ones I've seen/heard in operation seem to cycle the fan with the heating/cooling.

Can any mefite shed some light on this? If this is an available feature but not in Fujitsu pumps, I'd like to know that too.
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There should be a fan setting on your thermostat. Its default is “automatic”. This makes the fan run only while heating/cooling. Switch it to “on” to get it running constantly. This assumes we’re talking about a whole-house system.
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I presume you're talking about a mini-split system here. Having had a few different brands cooling equipment rooms at places I've worked, they have all had the option to run the fan continuously. That's always how we chose to use them. I believe one of them was a Fujitsu, but it's been a decade since I was last in any of the offices, so I can't be absolutely certain.

Last I checked, manuals were available online for all the major brands. Find out which model they want to sell you and you can verify with the manual. At least one brand had a weird name for the feature, but I remember the manual being clear that it would leave the fan running continuously in ecocomfortwhatever mode.

The gotcha, which is why you should look up the user's manual, is that it may run the fan at a slower speed than it does when it is actually heating/cooling. Mini-splits typically modulate the fan speed based on the difference between the set temperature and the room temperature.
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Just now I took a look at the manual for a random Fujitsu mini-split model. The feature you are looking for is called "fan control" (FC) and is documented in the energy efficiency section of the manual, not the regular operation section. It defaults to turning the fan off when not cooling, but you can override it so that the fan stays on.

So ask the guy what model he'd install, look at that model's manual, and specifically look for that feature. If still not found, do a brute force search for the word "fan" and check every mention of that word.
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Response by poster: Yep, mini-split. Thanks for the info so far. Not marking any best answers yet to encourage others to chime in.
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I have a Fujitsu Halcyon single room mini-split with a wall-mounted head that's about 10 years old but looks almost identical to the Halcyon products currently shown on their website. Yes, I can manually set the fan speed to run continuously while using the Heat/Cool functions or have the fan run continuously without Heat/Cool. Fan speed settings are Auto, High, Med, Low, and Quiet. The heat pump came with the house when I bought it, but the manual for the remote did not. The service technician who came out for a regular maintenance call showed me how to use the remote control because that is the only way to control the heat pump settings and it's not the most intuitive remote control I have used. The remote control should have its own separate operating manual, so if you know the model # of the unit you are interested in you can find the remote control manual and double-check that it has the fan settings you want.
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Every brand of minisplit I have ever worked on has a fan on always or circulate mode, Fujitsu included.
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I have the same question which wasn't explicitly answered. Let's try this: for my Fujitsu heat pump (deployed with a ducted air handler system) I have multiple possible air handler fan speed settings: Quiet, Low, Medium, High and Auto. If I choose one of the air handler fan speeds OTHER than Auto, does the fan always run at that speed or will the fan eventually turn off when the desired temperature is reached? The manuals provide no answer to this question at all. Thank you.
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