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Asking for a child: is there a Halloween costume available to buy that is similar to this snow warrior costume?
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to clarify, because it's out of stock in their size? or something else?
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Response by poster: Yes, it's out of stock and it turns out Chasing Fireflies (which used to be a great costume store) is basically a shell website at this point. We're looking for a size 8 costume similar to the one in the link.
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Best answer: Something like this with fur mittens and Uggs might do it.
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preliminary search for "wood elf" seemed promising and then get some faux fur from a craft store to add accents.
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(ps, please be careful not to stray into cultural appropriation of Inuit face tattoos, as the costume in this image does. There is a twitter thread here that discusses quite similar looking halloween costumes/face tattoos and why they are hurtful to Inuit. I imagine there is a way of making or buying a costume that looks awesome and is similar to this, but doesn't include face markings.)
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Best answer: It doesn't look like you are getting any good leads yet so I will add my experience. You can make this but you may not be looking for a project.

My kid asked to be a "barbarian" so I kinda added Arnold and Jon Snow together -bought 10 bucks worth of fake fur and fake leather and did this.

I have NO idea how to sew and just used a glue gun, the stuff I bought, and a thrift store skirt that I sliced and made a cape. It's SO easy to cover ugly boots with fur and strips of leather and trim up clothes with fake fur.
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Best answer: The vest, arm & leg bracers combo from this or this Etsy set maybe, or there's this one. Seconding EllaEm's note about face markings.
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Best answer: In stock on October 23 - perhaps too late. They have an adult version as well. Wolf girl costume.
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Best answer: Here's an adult shearling fleece vest that would be a good tunic. gray or white turtleneck underneath, and a tshirt for the layers, gray leggings. A belt is easy to source, thriftshops have lots, can be painted silver or black. Boots, mittens. Get some fake fur to add to the shoulders.

I'd look for or make a shield that could be painted white and maybe use some spray snow. Makeup could be very pale and white eyebrows and lashes.
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Best answer: On Etsy Viking Warrior Girl costume, you can buy pieces separately.
Another Viking Girl
Silver Warrior (pricier)
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oops- notquitemaryann linked all those!
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Response by poster: The combination of a hood that we'll put fur on, See you tomorrow, saguaro's wolf girl costume, notquitemaryann and Glinn's Etsy sets for fur arm and leg covers, and theora55's boots has been kid approved. Thanks so much!

We will not be doing any cultural appropriation face paint.
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