Favorite easy Korean and Japanese recipes
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When I discovered how easy it is to make gyudon, it changed my life. Please recommend your favorite Japanese and Korean recipes that don't require a lot of time or kitchen space!
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Japanese curry is so good and you can do different things with it: I've made it with chicken, ground pork, and tofu and it's delicious any way. Also you can serve it over rice or udon.
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Future Neighbor has a great series on banchan that has really helped to demystify side dishes for me. I've made Maangchi's kimchi fried rice several times during quarantine and love her tteokbokki recipe as well (I skip the kelp and fish balls, and add cheese).
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Came here to recommend Maangchi's kimchi fried rice, already recommended
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I've had good luck adapting elements of tamagoyaki for breakfast. Even without the square pan and careful rolling, mirin and seaweed and scallions are delicious in eggs.
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Chicken Jibu-ni
Chicken Mizore-ni if you have daikon
Sweet Miso Broccoli Stir-Fry
All-Purpose Miso Meat Sauce is similar to the one above but just the meat part
Broccoli with sesame sauce
Catfish kabayaki texture and flavor reminds me of unagi don but catfish since I don't have a clue where to get or how to prepare eel
Spicy Miso Soup with Mushrooms
Auntie Rulie's Butadofu the website's recipe format is very annoying but the recipe itself is good. Who is Auntie Rulie? Idk. But thanks, auntie.
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Korean pancakes (can be made with almost any vegetable)
Korean fish stew
Fire chicken
Soba with dipping sauce
Spinach with Sesame Dressing (to make it easier, sub tahini for grinding sesame seeds yourself)

Just Bento is a great cookbook dedicated to easy Japanese recipes. I would link specific recipes, but their website is down.
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Nikujaga (japanese beef and potatoes stew) is incredibly easy, comforting and delicious!
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Here to second the recommendation for Just One Cookbook for accessible, delicious Japanese home cooking.
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Check out Moe and her daughter Sutan cooking traditional Japanese food on the Kimono Mom YouTube channel.
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I came here to recommend Oyakodon because it’s so easy and the ingredients are probably already on your pantry or fridge.
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Here's a link to more Oyakodon. Kind of a cheater recipe, but it comes together nicely for lunch. I'm actually going to make this today!

Aaron and Claire started out as more of a tourist YouTube channel, but their cooking videos have been super helpful.

What else is easy and fun? Pickles! So many pickles!
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It is straight up embarrassing how much of my quarantine diet has been tamago kake gohan.
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If you buy the right noodles, this easy japchae recipe is very easy and delicious.
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Okonomiyaki! Omurice.
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Onigiri? You just need to make rice. After that it's up to you, fill with something like tuna or umeboshi. Wrap in seaweed. Or sprinkle/mix in some furikake.

Nabe is super easy to make. The only special ingredients you need are kombu and ponzu. Then just add vegetables and protein to your water in a sensible order for them all to be cooked at the same time and enjoy. If you have a tabletop grill it is more fun and efficient but you can make it on the stove and then bring the pot to the table.
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omurice and gimbap are comfort-staples in my house.
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Omg and I forgot, tuna mayo riceballs/ onigiri. Soooo easy. Soooo tasty. I even skip the part where I have to roll into a rice ball, and will just eat tuna mayo on rice.
I am going to make this tomorrow!
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You could call your tuna mayo on rice a chirashizushi if you want it to sound fancier
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Thanks everyone! Now I just have to get it together to gather ingredients so i can start feasting!
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