Help with Chord Progressions for Lucky Sue
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Keyboard beginner here, seeking help with the chord progressions for Men I Trust - Lucky Sue. Looking to play along. Normally I'd search YT but it's a brand new tune. Thanks!
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Chordify is pretty good for this kind of stuff. Neat tune!
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What a nice vibey track. Here's a rough go at some of the chord structure, it's not perfect and not complete but it may be enough to get you going at unpacking the whole thing.

Tracking from the start of the first verse at about 0:30, the verse chord sequence is something like

D#m / / A#m / / G# / / C#7 / /
D#m / / A#m / / G# / / C#7 / Bm7/
D#m / / A#m / / G# / / Bm7 / C#7 /
D#m / / A#m / / G# / / C#sus2sus4 / C#7 /

Then the chorus or prechorus bit that follows at 1:23 is

B / A#m / / D#m
B / A#m / / /

And the musical interlude that starts at 1:36 is

A#maj7 / / G# / / B / A#m / C#sus2sus4 / C#7

The rest of the song seems to basically mix up and extend these core structures; I don't have the attention span right now to put it together more completely, but that basic framework should give you something to work with in mapping it out. Also these are definitely meat and potato takes on the chords, there's some very cool stuff going on in their harmonically that could be mapped out in more detail and I'd say try throwing in some sevenths and ninths if that's a thing that makes sense as you're playing with it.

That C#sus2sus4 bit in particular feels like a convoluted and unconvincing rendering of what they're actually doing in some of those turnarounds which is more about walking up some doublestopped melodic elements over a C# chord than naming a particular chord per se. But that's kind of the sound to play with, at least. And there's probably other better ways to analyze the Bm7 element in the verses than what I've written here, but again it'll get you into the right territory probably.

Good luck!
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OK, I finally had some time this weekend to check out this song. It has lots of chords, and tasty ones at that! Now that I've puzzled over it for a few hours I intend to listen to the rest of their stuff.

However, though I am loathe to contradict our illustrious leader, my own analysis (as a keyboard slightly-more-than-beginner but dyed-in-the-wool jazzhead) including the bass lines suggests to me a different key and progression than what he commented above. Here's my take, with the caveat that (as cortex mentioned) there's some ambiguity especially in the turnarounds that could be interpreted in more than one way - for example the "BmM7", which is a B minor chord with a major 7th, i.e. Bb.

Also, kudos to a "Keyboard beginner" for trying to tackle this, it's a challenging one for sure.

Bbmaj7   ///   | Abmaj7 /// | Bmaj7    ///   | Dbsus2add9 / Dbadd9 / |

Ebm7    ///    | Bbm7  ///  | Abm7 / Bbm7 B7 | Db9         ///       |


Ebm7    ///    | Bbm7  ///  | Abm7     ///   | Bmaj7  /  Dbadd9  /   |

Ebm7    ///    | Bbm7  ///  | Abm7     ///   | BmM7    /  Db9    /    |

2: (roughly the same but with more 11ths and 13ths in general, that I haven't worked out yet)
Ebm7    ///    | Bbm7  ///  | Abm7     ///   | Bmaj7  /  Dbadd9  /   |

Ebm7    ///    | Bbm7  ///  | Abm7     ///   | BmM7    /  Db9    /    |


Bmaj7 / Bbm7 / | Ebm7  ///  | Bmaj7 / Bbm7 / | Ebm9 11      ///      |

INTRO (1st 4 bars only)

VERSE (1st 8 bars only)

CHORUS 2: (repeat 4x)

Am9 / Dbm13  / | Ebm11  ///  | Am9 / Dbm13 / | Bmaj7  /  Dbadd9  /   |

INTRO (1st 4 bars only, repeat and fade)

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On preview post-view, I see Chordify pretty much agrees with me... Oh well, it was fun to try to work out on my own.
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