Where to find Civil War suits?
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Where might one find Civil War-era suits like the ones found in the movie Gangs of New York in either NYC area or online? Nothing antique necessary, just replicas/costumes.
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While not specifically Gangs of New York related, Scully/Wah Maker has some ready-made stuff that might work for you. (And those plaid pants from the movie are awesome.)
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I haven't seen the movie, so I can't give you those specific costumes.

You might try here:


Or call these folks:


Good luck.
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Interview with Costume Designer Sandy Powell.

She describes the costume making process and says that most of the non-principals' costumes were rented.
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Have you tried getting in touch with Civil War reenactors around New York? I bet plenty know about civilian clothing from 1840 to 1860 (Gangs of New York's setting, I think), and I bet some of those even have some civilian clothes.

If you can get in touch with David Kincaid, you'll have it made. He visited one of my classes to perform, and he was very knowledgeable about all kinds of authentic details (clothing, instruments, everything). Unfortunately, I don't have a way to contact him -- but it may be possible if you work through reenactors' groups. I know he's involved with some.
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