Three percent items on etsy
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There are quite a few three percenter items on Etsy, I thought they were considered a militia group. Do you think they would be considered against their terms of service? I can't ask someone directly there I don't think. SPLC calls them part of the anti-government militia movement. Thanks.
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I mean, it's against their policy and is reportable.
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Please report them to etsy. It’s outrageous that tech companies are requiring their users to monitor and flag this stuff rather than dedicating sufficient resources to do it themselves. But that’s where we are.

My experience from reporting this kind of thing is that most companies (e.g., Yelp, etsy) are responsive and will take it down. Twitter and Facebook won’t/don’t. You don’t need to report it with a sophisticated argument, as though they have already seen it and decided it doesn’t contravene their policies. They almost certainly have not seen it and have no idea it’s there. Just report it flatly and briefly, noting SPLC says they’re a hate group, and leave it at that. They’ll almost certainly take it down.
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Absolutely report them to Etsy.
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You could try reporting but not sure if it would result in removal from Etsy. Facebook allows Three Percenter groups:.
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Yeah I reported them but they're not doing anything about it. Thanks for the replies.
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