Ordered, paid via paypal, shows delivered to another state, what now?
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Ordered a thing on the internet, paid with PayPal. Never got it, filed a dispute, dispute closed because it was later delivered (but to an address in a different state). What next?

I ordered a widget from banggood.com and paid with PayPal. I never got an order or shipping confirmation. I contacted the company and asked for this, but never heard a reply. After a couple weeks, I filed a dispute through PayPal, asking for a refund.

Today, the dispute was denied because "We have reviewed this transaction(s) and are denying your case(s). This decision was made because we received shipment tracking from the merchant confirming that the merchandise was delivered."

The problem: The package was delivered to a state I have nothing to do with. It's not in my billing or shipping address. It seems like PayPal has closed the issue and according to them I'm no longer entitled to support. The seller still refuses to return an email.

I'm not sure what I can do at this point. It's not an insignificant amount of money, but I can't get ahold of a human at either bangood.com or PayPal. Any advice?
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How are you getting money to PayPal? Can you talk directly to your bank or credit card company?
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If it was me, I'd try appealing the dispute result.
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Open up messaging with Paypal, paste in the dispute case number, and just keep spamming their messaging app with the facts. The dispute was not resolved, it was closed incorrectly, the tracking delivered to address you are not associated with, etc. Just a few days ago I got a Paypal refund for a dispute I opened in May for an item I ordered in March. Nearly 6 months before I got my money back.

In conclusion Paypal is GARBAGE but you can at least try.

And also if the Paypal charge was funded via credit card, dispute it with your credit card company as well. For me, by the time I realized Paypal was going to drag this out for the entire rest of my life, the charge had moved out of the 90 day easy dispute window with my credit card and it was a whole thing.
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Response by poster: flabdablet, your link doesn't work for me.

PayPal is linked to my bank account (not sure if by a debit card or directly), so I'll try my bank if I can't get in touch with PayPal (I have not yet found a chat/phone/form that will allow me to submit this issue). I assumed my bank would tell me this is a problem with PayPal and they have nothing to do with it.
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Try this third-party explanation of the same process, which as a non-Paypal link shouldn't be affected by Paypal's own irritating geo-specific link munging.
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Response by poster: thanks, flabdablet, but unfortunately that's still not working for me.

1. Click "All Closed Cases" from the "View" drop-down menu.
2. Click the "Appeal" button next to the case you want to appeal.

There is no "appeal" button next to the case I want to appeal.
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Response by poster: Update: chatted with a PayPal representative. They want me to go to my local US Postal Service location and get a signed document stating that the package was not delivered to my house. I'm then suppose to upload (I asked how to upload but they didn't reply) this to my account and they'll review it in 3-5 days.

Considering USPS had nothing to do with the transaction, I'm not holding my breath. I guess I'll go to my bank, but I'm afraid this is going to get me banned from PayPal.
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I'm not sure quite how you get the USPS to prove something was not delivered, versus proving it was. If that goes nowhere, an alternative playbook:

Did you get the tracking number that PayPal must have checked to confirm delivery? Does it show on there which state the address was on? Is your address in another state? I would upload a screen capture of that instead, perhaps along with the banggood invoice that shows shipping address, and a statement 'this was not delivered to me and I want my money back'.
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Bloody hell, it's like dealing with Vogons.

Please post back once you have a result one way or the other, if only so that your experience stands as a warning for others.
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Response by poster: Update: Charges were refunded by the seller. I never received any correspondence except from PayPal saying "you have been refunded". Good enough.

I never jumped through the hoops they were requesting. It just happened.
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