Put the Chicago back in my marathon (music suggestions)
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Please help me find upbeat music somehow related to Chicago. The more specific the suggestion the better. This can include songs about the city, songs by artists famously from the city, songs that somehow remind you of something Chicago-adjacent...

I have been training for the Chicago marathon despite the event’s cancelation, and would like a playlist to keep me going as I attempt to run 26.2 miles this October in a Boston suburb.

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Frank Sinatra: My Kind of Town and Chicago!
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Sufjan Stevens, Chicago.
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Sunday Never Comes - Dan Bern (about the Chicago Cubs)
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Rachel Ries' Chicago is the one that comes to mind when the city comes to mind.
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Sweet Home Chicago (Zoom Celebrity Version) -- you can pull an MP3 of it
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You have a city with many talented artists, so you might go with Ministry, or Herbie Hancock.
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If Industrial music is your jam, Wax Trax! Records was a notable Chicago label with a ton of energetic musicians on it, including Ministry (also from Chicago), KMFDM, Front 242, VNV Nation, Front Line Assembly, and more.

That's a bit of a tenuous connection to Chicago though for most of them. There's a bunch of musicians in the Chicago House genre actually from Chicago - Frankie Knuckles, Phuture (more acid house than Chicago house), Steve "Silk" Hurley, etc. A lot of them sound pretty dated compared to modern EDM as far as energy.

On a much different musical note, Sweet Home Chicago, performed by many blues musicians but probably most famously by the Blues Brothers.

There's a wealth of Chicago Blues and related music - Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Sonny Boy Williamson II..

I never much cared for them, so I can't suggest songs but the band Chicago has dozens of albums.

Andrew Bird is from Chicago and has at least one song referencing it and has songs that range from mellow to energetic.

The Tossers' song titled Chicago isn't very energetic, but they're from Chicago and energetic in many songs.

The Smashing Pumpkins are from Chicago and a few songs make reference to it - Tonight, Tonight, only touches on it but is pretty much made for an inspirational training montage scene.

Chance the Rapper has a few songs about Chicago.

Less Than Jake


The Hold Steady

Screeching Weasel

Kanye (and others)

Alkaline Trio (and others)

Cherry Poppin' Daddies

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Lakeshore Drive
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Lincoln Park Pirates
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Born to Run plays at the start of the Chicago Marathon.

Disclaimer: I haven't been in years - I'm assuming this is still true because it's just too perfect to change.
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Chicago-based DJ Chrissy Murderbot has an hour long mix of 1980s Chicago house tracks available for download here.

For something from this century, he also has a Chicago juke mix here.
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Patrick Stump of Fallout Boy, This City; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGGIQQKKD0Y
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This song makes me smile, as does this classic. Different era...
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This one is cheesy and classic but hits the idea of road running. The marathon might even hit Lake Shore Drive.
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Pretty much anything from the Ferris Bueller soundtrack, especially this one.
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At a concert (in Chicago) Jenny Lewis said that Rilo Kiley's "With Arms Outstretched" is about Chicago. It's a great song, so I'll take it.

The Fratellis, "Chelsea Dagger" (for hockey reasons)

The Mountain Goats, "Cubs in Five" (for baseball reasons)

Graham Nash, "Chicago We Can Change the World"
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All these Cubs-related songs and no Go Cubs Go yet?
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The unofficial White Sox anthem for their championship run was Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'"

"Holiday Road" by Lindsay Buckingham. Don't hate me for the earworm.
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“Goodbye Hollywood” by Richard Marx is about moving his family back to Chicago.
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Anytime I hear a mention of Humboldt Park, I think of Urge Overkill -- Sister Havana and Positive Bleeding would be good for running.
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And the Replacements are from MN but they broke up on stage at the Taste of Chicago. Maybe Alex Chilton or Can't Hardly Wait.
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tom waits has a rollicking song about chicago with keith richards playing guitar...
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How about Born In Chicago by the Pixies? It's a cover of a Paul Butterfield song.
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I love the Led Zeppelin song, "When the Levy Breaks," because during the end section, there is a joyous shout of, "Going to Chi-cag-go!" :)
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Also the song by Hank Snow, called, I've Been Everywhere, again only tangential but starts his list with Chicago.
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My dad wrote a West End musical with composer Tony Macauley called "Windy City". The title track would fit the bill.
Someone seems to have posted the whole album to youTube
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Surely Chicago: Chicago IX would be a pleasant interlude when you’re in stride?
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Chicago at Night by Spoon is not only a great song that references the city, but it's possibly my single favorite thing to listen to on Lake Shore after dark.
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We're All Crazy in Chicago

For those of us of a certain age who were raised in Chicago, Jonathon Brandmeier was the man. I fully understand how corny this song is now.
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How ‘bout J.D. McPherson’s “North Side Gal”?
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The first 30 seconds aren't so good for running, but the song itself is a great : "Chicago, Illinois" from Victor, Victoria.
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Sirius by The Alan Parsons Project
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I used to enjoy running to Kanye West's Homecoming.
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Michael McDermott's 620 W. Surf album has a title track that's about a Wrigleyville address, and a lot of other great songs.
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The early Rolling Stones - 2120 South Michigan Ave (which was the address of the Chess Records studio).
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Count Basie - Going To Chicago
"Sorry but I can't take you"
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