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Can you recommend me podcasts that interview a wide range of interesting guests in an amusing way that are not curated by cis white men? Think Joe Rogan without the toxic masculinity and terrible politics.
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They're not interviews per se, but 'This Is Actually Happening' is a fantastic storytelling podcast that has the feel of a one-sided interview. My favorite storytelling podcast is 'Risk!'.
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An hour or so with Sue Perkins (British comedian, previously host of The Great British Bake-Off) might fit the bill...
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I've recommended this like a zillion times on AskMe, but Ologies forever and always!
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Death, Sex, and Money: host Anna Sale interviews a wide variety of people about topics related to, well, death, sex and money; the title comes from the idea that those are generally taboo—but very important—topics most people don’t get the chance to talk about. Recent episodes: a widow talks about grief; a Black man who was tortured into a false confession by police talks about receiving reparations money; various people talk about the “skin hunger” they’ve experienced with lack of touch over the course of the pandemic. I’ve listened to several episodes and they’re all very well done and interesting.

Now or Never: Hosts Ify Chiwetelu and Trevor Dineen interview ordinary people about the changes they want to make, or have had to make. These are sometimes individuals changes, sometimes societal/community changes. I listen to this religiously and I love the two hosts and the way they interact with each other and their interviewees! Recent episodes: a life long smoker documents his last drag on his last cigarette as he decides to quit smoking forever, while a 70 year old woman with terminal cancer climbs up the CN Tower; people stuck at home because of COVID find ways to repurpose things in their own home that they otherwise might throw away or recycle; Ify and CBC Saskatchewan reporter Omayra Issa talk about what it means to be Black women in the fight for racial justice.

Them and Us: “What is ‘gender identity’? How is it different from ‘gender expression’? What about ‘non-binary’? Join host Faith Fundal (formerly Wil Fundal) as they explore these questions alongside people who find themselves navigating the world of preferred pronouns, trans rights and the quest to be recognized for who they are.” Good host/interviewer, interesting guests, and well produced podcast.
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I'm enjoying Sara Benincasa's Well, This Isn't Normal quite a bit. She talks to Black women frequently, mostly people in creative fields.
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WTF with Marc Maron and Dax Shepard's Podcast.
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NOT Marc Maron or Dax Shepherd’s podcasts. Their politics are better than Rogan’s but they’re still cis white dudes with big cis white dude followings.

I second Death, Sex, and Money. Great interviews, huge range of guests from regular people to celebs.

Nicole Byer’s Why Won’t You Date Me? is hilarious; she talks to guests about their dating lives but it ranges behind that and is very fun (def R-rated)

Las Culturistas is funny, freewheeling, pop culture-centered conversations between hosts Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers (both gay men) and guests.

Call Your Girlfriend alternates two friends talking about issues of the day with interviews.
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The now defunct Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown
this is very good

Minority Korner, less interviews, but different guests
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The now ended Kalki Presents: My Indian Life and 2 Dope Queens fits the bill. As well as the still active Ear Hustle, Getting Curious with JVN, and The Stoop.
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Maybe too obvious, but Fresh Air. The full archive, back to 1993, is available, so there's a decent chance that you can find an interview with whoever you are thinking of.
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All of It with Alison Stewart, a daily radio show from WNYC. (On vacation hiatus right now for the political conventions)
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My comfort listening these days is Social Distance. While many of the guests are white men, it doesn't have that "jokes about their dicks" vibe that so many podcasts have. It's mostly about COVID but from a variety of perspectives.
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Also maybe too obvious since it's an NPR podcast, but It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders fits the bill.
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Decoder Ring
Fresh Air
Office Ladies (if you're into the American television show The Office)
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Jonathan Van Ness from the new Queer Eye has a podcast called Getting Curious. (He's come out as non-binary, but goes by he/him.) The guests are experts in topics from dermatology to insects to social justice. I know his vibe clicks more with some people than others, but I really enjoy his interview style-- he's bubbly enough that the guests, while still sincere, aren't as self-serious in their conversations.
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