What recent artist/band had a "mystery old recording" publicity stunt?
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On the Steve Hoffman music forum, on a thread about identifying a mystery cassette tape, one user points out "something similar "turned up" a few years ago that ended up being a deliberate hoax. A new "unknown" retro-sounding band cooked up their scheme with similar mystery tapes. Can't recall any more, sorry. Anti-climactic it was." I feel like I remember hearing about that as well. Obviously not Klaatu (which was in the '70s). Who was it?
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Phish has a tradition of covering another band's classic album at its Halloween shows. Two years ago, they "covered" an album by a band that didn't exist. The prank was pretty elaborate.
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One example of what I think you are talking about (and music that I like a lot) is John Lurie's creation of Marvin Pontiac, as discussed in this New Yorker piece. But that wasn't a publicity stunt really.
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Kosmischer Läufer ?
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I came here to suggest it might be Kasvot Växt, but emelenjr beat me to it. Here's a link to the Phishbill (.pdf) from that show where you can read all about the band and the album that Phish "covered" that night.
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It was indeed Kosmischer Läufer! And I remember hearing about the Phish prank as well. I will have to read about Marvin Pontiac too.
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Billy Yeager sold himself a $18,000 test pressing, because...it gets weird.
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