Can you recommend Scandinavian Noir-lite books?
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I read the girl with the Dragon tattoo years ago, but now I have very little stomach for any sort of torture and 100% no ability to read anything where bad stuff happens to kids. I have no issues with gore as long it’s not torture related. Just looking for some escape this summer - does anything fit this criteria?
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Maybe the Martin Beck books? It's a long time since I read them, but don't remember torture or child abuse in the first one at least. Review, interesting article, long interview (which mentions that some of the books do include child abuse, so be careful).
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Kristin Lavransdatter
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Jussi Adler-Olsen is very popular. I haven't read his books, but I have seen several interviews with him, and he seems to be a very sympathetic person.
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I loved Kristin lavrensdatter but it’s not at all noir.
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I recently read P D James' An Unsuitable Job for a Woman and was shocked at how good it is.

Protagonist Cordelia Gray is likable, indefatigable, indomitable, implacable, and so, so capable. There is a noir feel to the entire book, but the sheer luminosity of Jame's prose keeps the gloom from being lowering or oppressive. The sequel, The Skull Beneath the Skin, is just as good and it's a great pity there aren't more. I had no idea what a great writer James is before reading these books.
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Oh, and for a bonus, she butts heads with with James' most famous protagonist, Adam Dalgliesh — and wins!
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If you like queer content, Nicola Griffith's Aud Torvingen novels.
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Tove Jannson’s Moomin books are for children - but she was not at all afraid to have plentiful Scandi Nordic noir in them too.
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The Wallander series by Henning Mankell
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